SKIP Sweaters ’n’ Socks

Christmas is only a few days away and there are still a couple of people on your “Nice” list that you need to buy gifts for. If said people are beer lovers, something beer-related is a shoe-in. Since we already discussed beer gifts a few weeks ago, this column focuses on other gifts in the beer realm. Each is sure to please even the most discriminating connoisseur. 

What could be better than a new beer every day of the year? Well, nothing. If that strains your budget, the “A Year of Good Beer” page-a-day calendar is just the ticket to tantalize your recipient with facts, descriptions and even beer cocktail recipes. Pick one up at your local bookstore.

While there may not be a beer of the day club, there is a beer of the month club. Choose from several membership types, like craft beer or rare beer. Each club offers shipment of the chosen type each month, along with expert descriptions and pairing advice.

There’s nothing tacky about tackers. These metal beer signs look great in any man-cave or she-shed and would make a very welcome gift. Available in a variety of sizes, tackers range from small, license plate-size to huge 20-inch or more wall covers. Pick these up at taprooms and stores that specialize in old signage.

Making one’s own beer is many beer-lovers’ dream. At Just Brew It in Riverside and Jacksonville Beach, find everything needed to put together the ultimate beer-brewing system. You can go big with set-ups that can cost hundreds or go with a kit that runs only about $100. Either way, the recipient will be well on their way to making beer from scratch. A third option is a Mr. Beer kit. This small, counter-top beer-making system includes ingredients for one 2.5-gallon batch of beautiful, sudsy beer.

Beer-lovers are a proud bunch. Just go to any beer-centric bar or taproom and you are sure to see patrons in various beer T-shirts sipping delicious craft brew. That’s why the Beer T-shirt Club ( is genius. For just $19.99/month, the club will ship a premium T-shirt from a rare, out-of-the-way brewery. These are exactly the kinds of conversation-starter shirts beer-fiends love to wear. 

If a monthly commitment isn’t your style, try perusing the T-shirts at Old Navy, Walmart and any number of other stores, including secondhand shops; you’ll definitely find at least one that fits the bill. Just stay away from one that says, “This Guy Needs a Beer.” It’s a bit played out.

Beer-nuts also love to collect unique beer glasses. My cabinet is stuffed with glasses from the many breweries, pubs and taverns I have visited. But my prized possession is the beer stein my wife had custom engraved for our wedding day. You too can get a custom beer mug, stein or glass made at a number of vendors, anything from ceramic mugs to glasses with pewter plates attached. If you are really in a hurry, I suggest swinging by Things Remembered at the local mall and seeing what they have and how fast they can engrave.