365 Do-Good Days

During the holidays, some dogs are busy making a mess, but I’m all about making a difference. With so many ways to spread a little love and cheer this time of year (and all year long), it’d be silly not to show you care.

One of the most beautiful things about the holiday season is that it inspires folks to be a little nicer and a little more giving and to treat each other better—and that includes animals.

EPIC Outreach’s mission is to share information to inspire compassion to create a kinder world for people, animals and the environment. The nonprofit (epicoutreach.org) created Posing for Paws, a fun fundraising calendar representing kindness. The featured creatures—homeless pets from local shelters and people in the community who give back—know the power of generosity. Each month, there’s a wag-worthy tale to tell. I like to think of this calendar as a way to inspire us to adopt pets and get involved in the community. Change can happen in hearts and minds when it’s least expected. Donations from the calendar fund EPIC’s efforts to make a difference for all living things through education, outreach, helping local pets and people and teaching kids to be kind to pets. To score your 2018 calendar, go to posingforpaws.info.

After my owner passed away, I was rescued by Pet Peace of Mind, a national hospice and palliative care program that partners with local hospices; in Northeast Florida, that’s Community Hospice of NE Florida. They supported me while my mom was ill, and now they’re sheltering me until a foster family or an adoptive parent takes me home.

Giving Back: PPOM has helped thousands of folks with pet care needs and preserves the bond between hospice patients and their pets through the patient’s end-of-life journey. petpeaceofmind.org, communityhospice.com

My name’s Baloo, and I’m Pit Bull proud, shattering stereotypes left and right but, despite my handsome muzzle and playful personality, I’m often overlooked or misjudged. I’m bummed, but not surprised, ’cause haters gonna hate. Lucky for me, PitStop Pit Bull Rescue Transport is searching for the right person to be my family and friend. I’m strong and solid, and so full of love, I’ve got to give some to … you?

Giving Back: PPBRT provides transport services from kill shelters to rescues, fosters and adopters all along the East Coast, as well as medical, boarding and training sponsorships. pspbrt.org

Some say I have a spicy style. It takes knowing and loving yourself to have the élan to do your own thing; that’s what the Friends of Clay County Animals taught me. This life-changing organization’s mission is fundraising for Clay County shelter animals to receive medical care and place pets in loving homes. Pets are family, after all.

Giving Back: Through fundraising and public education, FOCCA is able to assist with medical care, enrich the shelter environment, promote adoptions, reduce the practice of euthanasia and educate folks about responsible ownership. friendsofclaycountyanimals.org


Davi the dachshund is ready, willing and wagging to be a cover model.