If you BUILD it …

It’s safe to say that most pets rate their human’s lap as the No. 1 sleep spot in the house, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve furniture and accessories that are just as sleek and stylish as our people’s décor. And so it should come as no surprise that design-savvy dogs and cats are begging for the new IKEA product line made especially for pets.

The LURVIG collection, appropriately from the Swedish word for shaggy, features an affordable selection of products for furry family members and our favorite activities, like sleeping, eating and playing!

Somehow, the IKEA team knows what it means to be a dog or cat and has worked closely with veterinarians to design products that pets can really dig. The lineup takes into account the typical needs and personalities of animals, providing quiet warm cubbies for cats to curl up in, and open beds with cushions for dogs who are serious about that afternoon nap. These products are safe and durable, and will complement the many other IKEA furnishings.

In addition to furniture, the collection offers an assortment of wag-worthy accessories: leashes, pet carriers, food bowls, toys.

I met with the local IKEA loyalty manager Matthew Halawa to fetch the scoop on these nifty finds.

What was the inspiration behind this product line?
We believe that our furry friends are more than just pets—they are family, which is exactly what led to the LURVIG collection. The range was created by pet-loving designers with support from veterinarians who have a passion for functional, fashionable design.

Are the products designed for pets of all shapes and sizes?
Here at IKEA, we pride ourselves on being available to the many. This isn’t only true for our human furniture, but for our four-legged family members as well.

Can I assemble these products with my own two paws?
While all IKEA furniture kits include easy-to-assemble instructions, the assembly is intended for human friends. No worries, though—we also offer in-house assembly.

Are the materials chew-resistant?
Our range was developed with the assistance of veterinarians who understand that pets won’t always use the furniture as intended, which is why the pieces are made of safe, durable materials.

Will these products match my human’s IKEA collection?
The LURVIG range has been designed to integrate with other IKEA products, such as the cat bed that fits into the KALLAX shelving unit.

What is your most popular item?
I’m sure whatever item fits your personality most will be a great hit!

Is there a bone-back guarantee if the product doesn’t appeal to me?
We’ve all changed our minds before, which is why we have a 365-day return policy with proof of purchase to your original form of payment.

The LURVIG collection is available at IKEA, at Gate Parkway and I-295 on the Southside. You can get your paws on these products starting Nov. 8, but remember, the only animals allowed inside IKEA stores are certified service dogs, so tell your human to attend the Grand Opening and bring home something special just for you.

Here’s hoping these pet products are less complicated to build than those people pieces!

Davi the dachshund is confident that retail therapy really does work.