Datil be some Good BBQ

Nestled among the oaks, Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ knows smoked meat. Let your grumbling stomach choose from brisket, dry rubbed ribs, pork, turkey, sausage, and datil sausage. Don’t fret if you can’t choose—there are options for you ‘all the meats’ types.

The menu is broken up into “pecker” sections. The “Pecker Plate” ($8-$18) includes your choice of a half or whole portion of meat, two sides and Texas Toast. Sandwiches on Texas Toast are served with one side. Still hungry? “Peck a Lil More” has two options: Two Meats ($15.50) with two sides and Texas Toast or Three Meats ($26) with four sides and Texas Toast. 

There is one other option that’s not even on the menu: the “Lotta Pecker” ($30). This comes with all five meats and four sides plus toast. Add the datil sausage for $1. The whole platter totals a pound and a half of meat, so expect leftovers.

Woodpeckers is known for brisket and ribs for good reason. The ribs are fall-apart tender and well seasoned. You’ll be pulling that last tiny bit of meat from those bones. The brisket comes lean or fatty, but let me tell you something: If you’re getting brisket, don’t bother ordering it lean. The layer of fat that surrounds this cut is what makes it so good, and Woodpeckers delivers. The pulled pork was a little dry and needed some house made BBQ sauce, hardly a travesty because their sauces are delish. As for the sausages, both the regular and the datil had an awesome snap, but that datil is where it’s at. The slight pepper kick bumped up the taste nicely and cut the fattiness. To me turkey and chicken are always the pity sell at a rib and brisket place where anyone sane just wants to dig into a rack or some fatty brisket. However, Woodpeckers delivers again on its leaner cuts. The turkey was tender, tasted great and was much moister than many a family-made turkey dinner. The chicken was also flavorful, so it didn’t feel like a wasted order.

If you still have room for sides, get ‘em single $2.50, pint $4.75, or quart $8.25. You’ll feast on Datil Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese, Datil Slaw, Datil Corn, Apple Sauce, Green Beans and Corn on the Cob. While everything is just how you’d expect at a barbecue joint, the datil baked beans deserve an honorable mention. The multi-colored beans are sweet and slightly spicy thanks to the datil peppers and include tender chunks of meat!

BTW, you can buy their sauces to go (1/2 pint $4.50, pint $7.50). All were a delight, but I didn’t favor the Orangedale White for its mayo base. 

You may have noticed that they really dig the local datil pepper at Woodpeckers. I, for one, am thrilled to see the spicy little yellow bomb getting so much love. 

Woodpeckers smokes meats fresh every day and, as they say, “When it’s gone, it’s gone,” so staff recommends calling in to reserve your takeout or dine-in order.