Pets Like Me: BUDDY

Meet Buddy

Sigmund Freud once said that time spent with cats is never wasted. Though it’s wise to approach anything said by Freud with doubt, I do agree with him on this one, especially after meeting Buddy. This small furry ball of cute utterly destroyed my ability to tap into my natural instincts and made me realize that cats do live cool lives–just like dogs.  

About Buddy

Davi: Describe yourself in four words.
Buddy:  Ninja. Moody. Handsome. Hungry. 

How would you change the world?
I would get rid of all the dogs that are bigger than I am so I can continue to swat at the little ones.

What do you do when your humans are away?
If I told you that they might stop leaving me alone. 

How many hours a day do you sleep?
Not enough.

Do you have a favorite treat?
The stinky fish flakes my humans get at the store. They are delectable.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you recently?
Moving houses. I prefer to stay in one place, and being stuck in a carrier for two days was awful.

If you could text your human, what would you say?
“Where R U? Food bowl MT”

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from simply meeting you?
I like to watch soccer with my dad and see the ball bouncing all over the place.

What do you do in your free time?
Walk in front of my humans’ faces while they are watching TV, and I’ve recently started chewing on my mom’s feet in the morning when she wakes me up too early.

Do you have any canine companions?
I have two dog sisters and a dog brother, but I only like my brother because he doesn’t try to eat my face or go 10 full rounds in the ring.

National Cat Day is Oct. 29
The good people behind the day have worked hard to bring attention to the number of cats rescued each year, and the growing problem and possible solutions to feral cat colonies.

While many cats will probably mark the day with a nap or romp with a paper bag, cat people will be celebrating the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon them. These furry little gods have been cherished members of the family since long before the days of the pyramids and continue bringing joy and laughter to millions of people around the world.

Celebrating can be as simple as having a conversation with your cat. They will talk to you, if you talk to them. You may both be talking about totally different things, but there’s definitely a conversation going on there. If you don’t have a cat, consider adopting a kitty of your own because what greater gift than the love of a cat, except maybe a dog—or better yet, volunteer at a local shelter—your visit is sure to be a bright spot in a shelter cat’s day.

Davi the dachshund doesn’t often say this about cats, but Buddy is purr-fectly delightful.