What Happened in Vegas…

October 11, 2017
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Hope. It isn’t sold or bartered, it’s given. After the senseless and cowardly events that unfolded in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1, the Vegas community has come together to mend its battered soul. As reported by Las Vegas Weekly, blood drives have been going nonstop. People from all walks of the Vegas community have chosen to put their own lives on hold and wait four hours or longer in queues wrapping around city blocks, waiting to give blood. The hospitality community has also opened their kitchens to feed the droves of family members and emergency personnel flocking to the city, looking for their loved ones and looking for some way to help. That community will be suffering through many pains in the weeks to come as they deal with the sadness, anger and politics of the situation. But one thing is assured: They will not be broken.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, politicians have wasted no time to jump on their pedestals to express support or resistance to gun control legislation. As reported by Columbia Free Times, Mary Geren, a Democrat running against Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan in South Carolina, is calling for stricter gun laws. Geren is asking for a more thorough background check system for potential gun owners and stronger oversight when it comes to gun trafficking and online sales. On the other hand—and far across the aisle—Rep. Duncan is taking the lead on a bill promoting “gun noise suppressors.” (Pssst, Dunc: The rest of the world calls them silencers.) According to Duncan, the legislation is supposed to help protect hunters’ hearing—’cause that makes plenty of sense. Maybe someone should tell Duncan about those wonderful inventions called earplugs. If they’re good enough to use while working a jackhammer, they should work just fine when hunting Bambi’s mother.

Many of us are still trying to make sense of what has taken place in Las Vegas. Out of all the questions people are asking, two stand out: Why did it happen? and How can we keep it from happening again? According to a column by Nashville Scene’s Betsy Phillips, fixing the problem is no easy task. Politicians either can’t or won’t come to an agreement on what should be done (’cause gun silencers is a great idea) and gun nuts are never going to have to worry about their guns being taken away—it’s almost theoretically impossible, considering that there are just as many guns as there are people in the U.S. As Phillips wrote, it’s up to the gun nuts themselves to fix the great stigma that has stymied their culture. For instance: Avoid buying the same gun that was used in the massacre, and don’t give your guns to randos.

Just like a stubborn kid still playing with toys after being told to go to bed, the current administration just won’t quit with the borders. The House Homeland Security Committee has a new bill in the works that could spell even more mischief along the northern and southern regions of the country—because that’s where the real problem is. According to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, the bill may to give Customs and Border Patrol authority to act against terrorism, drug trafficking and immigration within 100 miles of the borders. This includes the ability to use infrastructure as a means of doing so—i.e., building a damn wall. The legislation originally included some language that would have kept any record of the activities happening within that 100-mile area off the record, meaning no access via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The committee later removed the amendment and Rep. Martha McSally (R-Arizona) referred to its inclusion as “an inadvertent oversight,” according to AAN. And if you believe that, McSally is also brokering a deal to sell the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. Look behind the curtain of the Trumpster fire, and you’ll find that the Wizard of Oz is busy playing with Legos and warding off bad hombres.

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