Disaster Schmisaster. Get Hurricane Irma Recovery HELP Here

Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma plowed into Northeast Florida, flooding homes and businesses, ripping trees asunder, and leaving thousands without electricity, a roof over their heads, a floor under their feet, or, for some, a home at all. The final cost has not yet been estimated, but it’s likely to be in the hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of dollars for our region alone.

Criticize if you wish, and we’re sure some of you will (haters always gon’ hate), but in these times of crisis and loss, the government is there to help. Now that we think about it, Uncle Sugar is kinda like the media in this way: everyone hates us until they need us.

But getting help is easier said than done. With dozens, if not hundreds, of agencies and organizations to choose from, you may be tempted to give up even before you encounter the forms, red tape, and other bureaucratic hoops required to apply for a little helping hand.

Folio Weekly is here to help you help you. We’ve taken a monstrously awesome spreadsheet that compiles all the various places to apply for assistance in the form of cash, loans, food, services and more, and distilled them into two web pages, one for state agencies and organizations and one for federal.

Each agency and organization is listed alphebetically and includes the category, entity, phone number, hours of operation, website, who should apply, and what the type of assistance provided. Search for key words like “elder,” “child,” “food,” “disaster” and more to find out where to call or apply to see if you qualify for assistance.

Happy recovery!