Dear Davi,

I sometimes get lost while roaming around my neighborhood. How can my human track me down when I’m out and about?

Beau the Beagle


That handheld device your human carries around-and uses to take your pictures-may be just the thing that makes reuniting with your family a whole lot easier. Modern tracking technology is helping pet owners stay better connected to their pets-as long as the battery is charged and the apps are uploaded. This wearable tech allows humans to remotely monitor our activity and pinpoint location. I scouted around for pet trackers to keep tabs on our whereabouts. These gadgets give humans peace of mind knowing that they can always find us by using a simple device:

Whistle •
This on-collar activity monitor uses smart technology to track your location and activity levels. It even gives a heads-up to your human when you leave your safe spot before you get too far away. Durable and waterproof, Whistle is designed to go anywhere you go, even swimming! A subscription plan and wi-fi network is required.

Nuzzle •
This pet tracker locates pets, records their activity, and gives updates throughout the day. Real-time connectivity accurately pinpoints location so even when you are out of sight, you are never out of reach. Unlike other pet trackers, Nuzzle has no monthly or annual fees—because nothing should come between you and your human, especially a fee.

Paw Tracker •
This paw-shaped GPS uses real-time tracking to pinpoint your exact location on Google Maps, so your human can see your whereabouts from the palm of their hand. It also sends a text if you leave a certain perimeter.  The Paw Tracker is shockproof, waterproof, and withstands extreme temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and requires a monthly subscription.

Link AKC •
This smart collar tracks your location, monitors activity, and sends alerts if your temperature becomes unsafe. There is even an LED light to help humans see in the dark. A subscription plan is required for activation, and the app can connect using any platform.

TabCat •
TABCAT is the most effective cat-tracking device in the world. Cats may not travel far, but they can get trapped in sheds, stuck up trees, or chased by dogs—so I’ve heard. Beeps and lights guide them to wherever the frisky feline might be hiding. It uses radio frequency, so there is no need for a smartphone or monthly subscription.

PawScout •
This affordable tracker attaches to any pet collar and provides radar-style honing that uses any mobile phone to locate a pet within a 200-foot radius, including a virtual leash that sends alerts if you stray. It’s ideal for cats that tend to hide and dogs that wander.  There is no monthly service fee and the nameplate can be customized to compliment your personal style.

One in three pets will be lost at some point in their lifetime; only one in 10 is ever found. July is Lost Pet Prevention Month: When it comes pet safety, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Make sure you wear a collar with ID, keep your microchip info UTD, and include a tracking device in case you venture into the great unknown.

Davi the dachshund has a wandering nose, but home is where his heart is.