Minion Mania “Despicable Me 3”

Release Date: June 30, 2017
Running Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Rated PG
Grade: B (for banana)
Directed By: Eric Guillon, Kyle Balda, & Pierre Coffin

There’s only one super villain whose fashion sense is quite that dated….Balthazar Bratt.

Pursuing his life as a good guy with the Anti-Villain League, Gru and Lucy chase Balthazar Bratt (former childhood star whose show was canceled) as he attempts to steal the world’s largest diamond. Even though Bratt is unsuccessful in getting the diamond this time, Gru and Lucy are fired since they repeatedly fail to capture him. Facing his life as an ex-bad guy and an unemployed good guy, Gru comforts Agnes who is trying to help by selling the fluffy unicorn stuffed animal that Gru won for her back in 2010. Sick and tired of following their leader who refuses to return to villainy, the Minions set off to find new adventures.

 Meanwhile, a butler named Fritz informs Gru that he has a twin brother who has learned of his existence after their father passed away. Gru, Lucy, and the girls travel to Freedonia to meet Dru who is the kingpin of a large pig farm. Dru pleads with Gru to teach him how to follow his father’s footsteps in a life a crime. When Bratt does successfully steal the diamond, Gru seizes the opportunity to help his brother while doing the right thing by going after Bratt. While the Minions experience adventures on their own and Lucy struggles to become a mother to the girls, Gru bonds with his brother and gets his bad guy on to save Hollywood from Bratt’s revenge.

Face it Gru, villainy is in your blood! Are you ready to continue the family tradition you and me?

Are YOU ready to continue the family tradition of watching the antics of the world’s most famous villain turned anti-villain? You bet your bananas you are! Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment team up once again to bring the unique characters and colorful computer animation behind Despicable Me 3 (DM3). After the prequel movie Minions was released in 2015, I was as giddy as Agnes and more than ready for another DM3. This film’s direction was provided by Eric Guillon (character designer in the animation department for the previous films), Kyle Balda (Minions director), and Pierre Coffin (DM1 and DM2 director) so the continuity is perfect.

 Trey Parker, known for his adult animated TV show South Park, joins the franchise as the most unusual villain who is stuck in the 1980’s since that is when his fictional TV series was canceled. The creativity of using 80’s styled weaponry and dance fighting is mirrored with a very toe tapping 80’s soundtrack including singles like Bad, Take My Breath Away, Sussudio, Physical, and Money for Nothing.

Writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio return for a third time to pen the heartwarming yet diabolical story after bringing us the wildly amusing The Secret Life of Pets last year. Last but not least, as a loyal fan of Minions, I was delighted to see that hilarious Minion antics were infused throughout the film. Luckily, there is a Minions 2 film projected to be released in 2020. For twice the bueno fun follow the minions into the theater to capture this one!

~Movie Buffette

Voice Starring:

Steve Carell as Gru/Dru
Kristen Wiig as Lucy
Trey Parker as Balthazer Bratt
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo
Dana Gaier as Edith
Nev Scharrel as Agnes
Steve Coogan as Fritz/Silas Ramsbottom
Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci
Julie Andrews as Marlena (Gru’s Mom)

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