Summer isn’t complete without at least one picnic. Though Pub Subs are an easy go-to, The Bread & Board has just upped the local sandwich game. Post up in the park and impress everyone on the blanket with your taste and sophistication.

Bread & Board will expand your sandwich horizons. There are so many interesting choices to combine in creating out-of-this-world flavors.

In fact, it took far longer than I’m willing to admit to order because we just couldn’t decide. Maybe the Coffee & Juniper Brined Roast Beef sandwich ($11) or Fried Green BLT ($9.50)? Or one of the boards that’s like a deconstructed sandwich, with sauces and accouterments on the side? In the end, we asked for a good picnic recommendation. They don’t do to-go boards because of their deconstructed nature, so we ordered several sandwiches.

Let me tell you: Each bite was better than the last. It was like a ping-pong match of flavors. One taste of juicy Braised Beef & Gorgonzola ($10.50) with cheese sauce and braised rapini and you’ll be hooked. Together, those strong flavors are amazing. We switched it up with the vegetarian Farro & Chickpea Fritter Sandwich ($9) and found its slightly sweet relish complemented the crispy-fried, yet delightfully moist, chickpea patties. Topped with arugula and marinated tomatoes on grilled bread, it was great. Last, but not least, the Southern Chicken Sandwich ($11). A thigh of fried chicken with a spicy finish was on ciabatta with slaw and housemade pickles, dressed with a white BBQ sauce (mostly mayo, but yummy). Chicken sandwiches are often overdone, but this was perfect. Frankly, all the meat was cooked to tender bliss. 

A word to the wise: Make sure you have a ton of paper napkins (cloth if you’re fancy). You’ll be devouring meaty sandwiches with lots of filling. If you manage to get out without a stain, you’re a wizard.

Each sandwich includes a simple side salad or housemade rosemary chips. For $2, bump it up to one of the fancier salads, like sundried tomato pasta with chicken, citrus kale salad, potato salad, and others. If you can’t decide between two (or three!), ask for a little taste. I stuck with the standard side, but my companions couldn’t stop raving about the kale salad.

Bread & Board also has a great selection of wine and beer. Our picnic called for Stiegl ($4.50), an Austrian light beer made with citrus. Don’t forget dessert to complete the experience! The triangular blondie/chocolate chip cookie situation was dense, moist with plenty of chocolate chips.

Get some goodies at Bread & Board and a big red-and-white checkered cloth and spend an afternoon enjoying delectable sandwiches and a tropical breeze under shade trees in your neighborhood park.