Reel Big Fish “The Beer Run” With Guests The Expendables & More

Reel Big Fish at the St Augustine Amphitheater in Florida

The Expendables, St Augustine Amphitheater, Florida
The Expendables

Normally when you tell your friends you are heading out on a “Beer Run,” the run would typically include a few tunes in the car, picking up the brew, and heading back to the party. But, with the help of The Expendables, The Queers,  Tunnel Vision, and Reel Big Fish included St. Augustine on one of the most adventurous, memorable, and exciting “Beer Runs” I’ve ever been a part of!

The Expendables, St Augustine Amphitheater, Florida

Since it had been raining all day, the event was moved from the backyard stage to inside the St. Augustine Amphitheater itself. Walking down the stairs you could see the crowd hanging out, sipping beers from the beer tents, playing giant Jenga and purchasing merch. The mood was positive, lively, and energetic even though the weather was somewhat gloomy.

Not long after I arrived, The Expendables got us amped up and our feet moving as everyone began to really “Let Loose.” The speakers boomed while the guys played some of my personal favorites like “Down Down Down,” and “Sacrifice.” The energy continuously built up as the crowd filed in more and more by the minute. Raul Bianchi made our jaws drop with each guitar solo, Geoff Weers had all of us singing along, Adam Patterson got us bouncing to the beat, and Ryan DeMars killed it on bass. They even gave us a preview of the song “Stay” from their new EP. I loved it! They held our full attention from the very beginning to closing out their with “Bowl For Two.” What an amazing set!

I was feeling pumped from The Expendables set and was getting more excited to see Reel Big Fish as each second passed. I have seen Reel Big Fish on stage many times but, each experience feels like the first time. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, they were hitting the stage! My heart raced and I, along with the crowd, screamed with an extreme energy that would only increase with each song played. We didn’t stop “Skankin!” as we drank beer and sang along to ska-tastic covers like “Brown Eyed Girl,” snippets of “Don’t Stop Believing” and laughed in between each of lead singer Aaron Barret’s explanations behind one of the many songs they didn’t make famous in the 90’s. But, honestly none of us cared about the consequences of being hoarse or getting blisters on our feet as we continued enjoy each moment as they partied along with us during some of their most popular singles like “Sell Out” “Beer” “Everything Sucks” and “Ban The Tube Top.” Michelle Beebs from Beebs & Her Money Makers even made an on-stage appearance for “I Know You Too Well!” It was an awesome show and a ridiculously good time!

Reel Big Fish, St Augustine Amphitheater, Florida

When the evening was all said and done, the joy of the experience and these animated, silly, and hell of a good time bands stuck with me. I was in such an amazing mood! The journey was full of great tunes, new friends, and so much fun! Let’s raise a red solo cup to Reel Big Fish and The Expendables. You guys crushed it! That was a “Beer Run” St. Augustine would volunteer to take anytime!

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