It’s Starting To Sound A Lot Like Summer! An Interview with Micah of Iration

Photos provided by Morgan Bates

I don’t have a single summer feel good playlist that doesn’t include the positive and fun vibes Iration sends through the speakers. It could be the dead of winter and Iration’s tunes make the air smell of summertime. I never in a million years thought that I would get the chance to chat with lead singer Micah Pueschel! But, when given the chance I certainly jumped at the opportunity. We talked about how far Iration has come, what’s new and in the works for the band, some of the guy’s favorite summer activities, and of course their excitement to come to the St. Augustine Amphitheater on June 22nd with Slightly Stoopid and kick summer off right! Put on your flip flops (or slippers as they call them in Hawaii) or your converse and let’s meet at the concert!

As a longtime fan, the first thing I had to ask Micah was about my favorite song “Timebomb!” Micah tells me “It’s definitely a party anthem for the girls. Not one that would be bashing on the girls who party but, rather uplifting and fun. We wanted something that says girls can definitely hang with the boys!” Iration has had many incredible albums out since then, each one just as amazing as the last! Including “Automatic,” “Hotting Up,” and an acoustic album “Double Up” that was released in December. Though they have always been awesome, they have come a long way from the beginning of their career. “We have definitely grown and gotten a lot better. Musically we got tighter, production improved and with time, experience, and practice, we’ve grown into and with what we love to do.”

WHO: Slightly Stoopid with guests Iration, J Boog and The Movement
WHERE: St Augustine Amphitheatre
WHEN: Thursday, June 22, 2017  Gates 4:00PM | Starts 4:30PM
TICKETS: $47.00 – General Admission Standing Pit, Level 100 and Level 200 / $42.00 – Level 300 and Obstructed View 

As we spoke of improving their production value, Micah shares “We’re proud to have a great fan base and be able to put out our own records.” Not having to depend on outside record labels certainly has its perks, Iration has their very own record label 3 Prong Records and owns all of their own music. Something not as easily achieved as we would all think. Their newest single “Fly With Me” is such a hot track and only a fun sneak peek of the great things to come. Micah tells me they are writing a new record that is about 75% done and written. “We will definitely be playing some new stuff on tour! We’re excited about it! We think the amphitheatre is a great venue and are really looking forward to playing in Florida.”


“We will definitely be playing some new stuff on tour! We’re excited about it! We think the amphitheatre is a great venue and are really looking forward to playing in Florida.”

Iration picked the perfect place to play and spend some time this summer! Especially since these guys really enjoy the surf and turf of it all. In the time they aren’t killing it on stage, they are either surfing or golfing . They’ve played the TPC Sawgrass course and have all kinds of beach to enjoy on their trip to St Augustine! When they aren’t on tour they still enjoy traveling, Barbquing, and jamming to the newest Drake album and their favorite Slightly Stoopid songs like “No Cocaine” & their UB40 cover of “I Would Do For You.” Just about everything that makes summertime so much fun and refreshing!

Summer is coming at you with full electricity, St. Augustine! Press pause on the playlist, throw on your slippers and come enjoy the summer feel good vibes live as Iration takes the stage with Slightly Stoopid, J Boog, and The Movement at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre Thursday June 22nd!

A special thank you to Micah for taking the time to chat with me!

For more about Iration go to their website. For more about St. Augustine Amphitheatre & upcoming events go to their website.

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