Adventures At Welcome To Rockville with Tony & Jaime of Pierce The Veil


Tony Perry & Jaime Preciado of Pierce The Veil (4/29/27)

When on long trips with my friends, we normally take turns picking songs to jam out to in order to pass the time. When my friend Sara’s turn had come, she chose Pierce The Veil’s “Caraphernelia” officially catching my attention. It was such an amazing song! Soon after, I found out Post to Post Links II error: No link found for term slug "Pierce The Veil" was going to be at this year’s Welcome to Rockville! I was instantly taken back to the fun of jamming in the car and was so excited to get the chance to see them live! I even got to hang out with the enthusiastic Jaime & Tony before their set. We talked about their outstanding APMA nominated album “Misadventures,” the thrill of performing both in fun music videos and on stage, and even some of their crazy off stage adventures. Their energy was intoxicating and their joy incredibly contagious! How could you be anything but happy with these guys around?!


Pierce The Veil’s fourth studio album “Misadventures” is an amazing collection of songs with lots of character and unique stories. “Creating the album and the album itself is unorthodox and unexpected” says Jaime. In hopes of topping their last album “Collide With The Sky,” they spent a lot of time in a warehouse turned studio with producer Dan Korneff next to a graveyard while still touring during the recording process. When they guys weren’t on the road or in the studio, lead singer Vic Fuentes took time to travel and write lyrics for this unorthodox album. Needless to say, there was nothing “normal” about constructing “Misadventures.” The extraordinary assortment of featured tracks include “Floral & Fading,” “Dive In,” “The Divine Zero,” and APMA nominated song of the year “Circles.”

Pierce the Veil, Welcome to Rockville, Photo by Morgan Bates
Photo by Morgan Bates

“[Circles] is the first song that actually being played on the radio. To be nominated is just so unreal! We’re so happy!”-Jaime Preciado

When getting pumped for a show whether it be on the River Stage at Welcome To Rockville or performing at this year’s Alternative Press Music awards, the guys still have a temporary sense of nervous excitement. Jaime explains “Each show is like a blank canvas. It’s a chance to have fun with our fans and make a good first impression if you’ve never heard us. We wanna blow their minds and give them the best show possible!” I know I am not the only one who felt their fast paced, high energy set had more than exceeded all expectations!

“Its a beautiful day for an awesome show! And we’re to have a good time!”-Jaime Preciado

Pierce the Veil, Welcome to Rockville, Photo by Morgan BatesAdventures with Pierce The Veil don’t just begin and end on stage! These guys have some crazy fun music videos! From the groovy ‘That 70’s’ show wardrobe and hilarious wigs for their newest video for “Floral and Fading” to special guest appearances from icons like Matt Pinfield in “Circles.” When they’re not working on a set or performing on stage, they are attempting not to get caught posing as festival workers and embracing their inner race car driver as they hit the sidewalks in their own version of golf cart wars. Tony laughs telling the story and says “Yeah they may have bought it the first time… but, then realized..these guys look like band guys!” The phrase work hard play harder is amazingly accurate for the guys of Pierce the Veil!

From rockin’ out in the car on road trips to getting the full live experience, Pierce The Veil has definitely won me over! Their astounding energy for music and adventure over the past couple of years has brought them a lot of much deserved success. Not only in over 50,000 copies of “Misadventures” sold, or nominations for three Alternative Press Music Awards this year but, in the love and appreciation of their fans as they continue to charm their way into the hearts and headphones through mind blowing performances and infectious music! It’s always been said that happiness is found in the journey rather than the destination and there is no shortage of joy on Pierce The Veil’s journey to the top! Rock on guys!


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