DOGGIE Houser, Pet M.D.

April 26, 2017
2 mins read

We all know that the worst time to look for a vet is when you really need one. Try these tips to help you plan ahead and track the right vet for you:

Scope Out the Facility Messes happen—standard operating procedure. But the place shouldn’t reek. Take a tour to make sure the facility is tidy and free of unpleasant odors. Exam rooms should be spotless and not used for storage or a snuggle spot for the clinic cat. If the office is well-organized with a cheerful staff—swipe right.

Ask Around Before reading Yelp reviews, try polling your own personal network. Word-of-mouth is one of the best resources around. A trusted friend will tell you if their vet is a good match for your pet. Asking for references at local animal shelters is another way to filter your search.

Emergency Care Hours of operation is a biggie. You never know when your pooch may swallow a tennis ball—or an entire bottle of pills. Make sure that you choose an animal hospital with an emergency plan in place.

First Impressions Just like human doctors, a veterinarian should have a good pet-side manner. Look for one who communicates well, respects your concerns, and demonstrates a keen interest in your pet. A good vet will answer your questions and know how to soothe a stressful situation instead of adding to it.

Check Credentials Your veterinary clinic should be certified by the American Veterinary Association, which indicates it’s held to higher standards of excellence in care—gold star to those with AAHA certifications. If you feel the need to bring a decoy before letting your beloved pet be examined—swipe left.

Let’s give a tail wag to local veterinarians for the paw-some jobs they do for pets every day. Our pets’ lives are literally in their hands, and they rarely let us down.

“Dr. Lincoln at Fort Caroline Animal Hospital is super-duper! She takes extra special care of me—and my mom!” — Davi

“Dr. Stacy at Miramar Animal Hospital is the best! He’s helped me through the years, nursing me through tummy issues and allergic reactions.”  — Reilly

“I love my vet at Cedar Hills Animal Hospital. Dr. Acree is gentle, considerate and caters to my needs. He even says ‘Hey, buddy’ when I visit.”  — Gizmo

“Julington Creek Animal Hospital’s Dr. Rod is great! He’s gentle, soft-spoken and makes our visits less scary.”  — Rhett & Jezebel

“I love Dr. G at Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic West. She’s so kind and patient when I get nervous, so having a vet who understands makes my trip easy-breezy.”  — Trippie

“Coastal Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Avery is so sweet and gentle with me. That means a lot ’cause I’m 12 years old and weigh only 14 pounds. She nuzzles me just like my mom does every time I go.”  — Lucy

“I love Mandarin Animal Hospital! They give me hugs and treats, and always listen to my mom’s concerns.”  — Taffy

“Dr. Katie is the most compassionate vet ever! She knows I’m older and is extra-gentle with my fragile body. Once I thought the rainbow bridge wasn’t far, but with her help I’m still here, feeling much better.”  — Riley

April 29 is World Veterinary Day. Whatever you do to thank the people who keep your furry friends by your side—do something.

It’s no accident that Davi the dachshund is healthy and happy—and he’s grateful for the animal-loving medical peeps he sees.

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