Getting INSIDE their Furry Heads

Some might say I am an opportunistic feeder. Chalk it up to being a dog, but I think I have a problem. I gobble everything and it drives my mom crazy. I ran into a friend who told me, “Maybe you should visit a pet psychic.” I was skeptical at first and thought, “No way could this be real.” But I have a problem and need answers, so I decided to contact Constance Frankenberg, The Pet Messenger. Maybe she would figure out what I’m experiencing and help me overcome it.

Davi: How do you talk to animals?
The Pet Messenger: I receive messages through my senses. First, I quiet my mind while focusing on the animal, and then our conversation starts to flow. Sometimes I even start to feel the sensation that an animal is experiencing. So if a pet has a broken tooth, my mouth might suddenly start to ache.

What information can you learn about a pet?
Pets are much smarter than humans give credit. I generally ask questions concerning reasons for certain behaviors and abuse they might have suffered. Throughout the reading, I share my findings with the human companion. I’m still amazed by the information they want to share with their human. Pets say things like ‘she needs to quit multitasking while driving’ and ‘my human needs to stop smoking.’ Some animals just want to be heard and if they know their human has heard them, then their behaviors improve.

What about pets who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge? Can you talk to them?
Yes. I find this to be of great value for humans suffering from the loss of an animal. Some pets are stuck between worlds and hang on for our benefit. This often happens if they see their human grieving or holding on tightly. They want to stay to comfort and protect. I’m able to reassure the owners when pets let me know they’re ready to go. Pets that have crossed over often ask me to share things with their human, like, ‘keep that appointment you were going to cancel’ or ‘take that trip you planned.’ Often, deceased pets want to reassure their families they’re happy and healthy once again.

Are cats more difficult to read than dogs?
No. They communicate based on personality. I could meet a cat who’s standoffish as well as a dog who is standoffish, and they’re going to be that way when I communicate with them. Some animals try to hide an illness or concern from their human, and that’s when I connect on a deeper level.

What are the benefits of a pet psychic reading?
Information from a reading can pinpoint behavior triggers and health issues, help with end-of-life questions, and bring comfort to a grieving heart.

Are there things pets wish humans knew?
Yes. Sometimes people say, “I love him so much and I just want to make sure he knows.” And the funny thing is, I’ll connect with the animal and the animal will say, “I know. She tells me every single minute of every day.”

Constance Frankenberg, The Pet Messenger, is a compassionate pet psychic who’s worked with countless pet owners and pets. She offers private pet psychic readings, animal communication workshops, and helps reunite missing pets and owners.

Pet psychic readings are held 1-5 p.m. Sunday, April 9 at EarthWise Pet Supply, 3846 Third St. S., Jax Beach, 372-7822, Call to schedule an appointment.

Happy psychic reading!

Davi the dachshund has some issues with coprophagia to work out, and is hopeful that The Pet Messenger can help.