Private DANCER

Virtual reality has its perks. In the case of VRClubz, those perks are in the form of, well, breasts. VRClubz has partnered with Gold Club San Francisco to create the world’s first licensed virtual reality strip club, Gold Club SF VR. Two guys from Fernandina Beach have created a very interactive, very provocative and very tantalizing enterprise out of the lucrative business of sexy women dancing their way around your heart and other body parts.  Jimmy Hess is ModeVR’s president and founder, and Dan DiLallo is ModeVR’s creative director and the innovator/designer of the VRClubz brand and intellectual property.

You may have no idea what they mean by a virtual strip club; it seems virtually impossible. All you need, however, is a pair of virtual reality goggles to part those velvet ropes.

At first, you’ll see a line of virtual people waiting to get into the club. You can wait your turn if you want (which is pointless because the people in line aren’t real—but to each their own) and hand the bouncer five dollars. When you walk in, you’ll see exactly what they mean by virtual strip club.

Go to the bar and order a virtual drink, or to the ATM if you didn’t bring enough virtual cash. Everywhere you turn your head, the virtual world is there, and so are the girls. As you begin to explore, you’ll notice different options: multiple dancers with options starting at a strip tease and ending in fully nude private dances. Once you make a selection, you’re transported into a private room, and this is where it gets (sort of) intimate. There’s house music playing, and your girl—or girls—will be right in front of you, dancing and slowly removing their clothes. The rest is herstory.

Folio Weekly: What inspired the idea?
Digital nightclubs, and virtual strip clubs have been in video games for quite some time. Role-playing games, like Second Life, took it a step further by featuring these virtual nightclubs, and allowing millions of users to interact with them in various ways. With virtual reality, we recognized an opportunity to take it to the next level because the technology evolved to a point where we could make the experience even more immersive. By drawing upon VRClubz’s creative director Daniel DiLallo’s experience with building virtual concerts for Guitar Hero using film and game development, we were able to partner with world-famous gentlemen’s clubs to create the most realistic experience to date.

Why would someone choose a virtual show instead of the real thing?
VRClubz are modeled after world-famous brick-and-mortar gentlemen’s clubs that most people will never be able to travel to or experience. We also provide a VR experience inside gentlemen’s club venues, where customers can engage with VR rooms onsite, as well as purchase exclusive VR goggles that will allow them to take the experience home. Another great thing about virtual reality is that it has the potential to provide the user an even better experience virtually than they would have in reality. They can be up close and personal with the performers, and have the option to view multiple types of lap dances, including fully nude. The performers in our virtual world are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where do I put the dollar bills?
You can throw virtual cash on the virtual stage, and feel free to make it rain—you will always have the option to re-up at a fraction of the cost you would spend in a real gentlemen’s club.

How much does each show cost?
Stage dances are free; you can tip the girls to do more as they are on stage. Private dances vary from $2 to $10, depending on what kind of dance you want. We have a single girl dance, double, and even three girls dancing for you at one time. Not only are private dances a fraction of what you would spend onsite, we’ll also place you in dream scenario dances with headliners, such as adult stars Kendra Lust and Christy Mack.

What is the difference between watching VR on your own device at home compared to the ones provided at this location?
The VR experience provided onsite are videos that are fun to watch and very engaging, but they are video only—you will not get the full immersive experience of being in the club. In order to enjoy the full experience of interacting with the virtual club, you’d need to download the game at home and play with your PC using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The interaction and the ability to enjoy the experience you choose is what sets VRClubz apart from everything else that’s out there today.

Do you think this is a safer experience for all parties involved?
You’re always going to have a safer experience in the privacy of your own home than you would going to an actual club. There’s no chance of being “bullied” at the bar or overlooked by our girls.

Are all the shows prerecorded?
Currently, yes. However, we are working on live streaming and will have new game modes that take full advantage of this feature. VR technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and exciting new additions on how you interact with the shows will be updated and integrated.

Are there any real women dancing or is it all VR?
All the women in our game are real; our goal as a company is to make experiences as realistic as possible. Currently, the only way to get that high definition quality is through video, as opposed to rendered graphics. Eventually, there may come a time when computer graphics get better. The combination of digital environments and real video is a craft that Dilallo has dedicated thousands of hours to developing. It’s difficult to describe the level of dedication it has taken to bring the concept of VRClubz to fruition. We are very proud of the final product and think it will be a revolutionary new medium for people to experience.

What feedback have you heard from the community?
We continue to be blown away by the feedback we’re getting from consumers when they’re first introduced and transported into their first VRClubz Private Dance. We call it that WOW moment. For a short time, they’re gifted with a break from reality and an opportunity to experience the time-honored trip to a gentleman’s club. The first reaction after leaving the world of VRClubz is, “Can you put me back in?”

That’s what he said … . Anyway, time will tell if this is a bust or a must. You’ll just have to try it for yourself. (Just between us? We recommend Christy Mack.)