BurgerFi may be a chain, but this place has the goods when burgers are the focus. The casual spot has two locations in the area: St. Johns Town Center and Riverside’s Brooklyn Station. The menu has several rather good combos, from a traditional BurgerFi Cheeseburger to the Breakfast All Day Burger for those who need a little more excitement.

We sampled the CEO ($10.57) and the Burger Melt ($7.47), both juicy burgers that totally hit the spot. The Burger Melt, a hamburger patty with cheese, is a more traditional choice, but the CEO is intriguing: Its two patties are blended with Wagyu and brisket. Any true-blue meat lover will wax rhapsodic about how much they love Wagyu, which is a Japanese cattle breed. The creation here is topped with candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli and Swiss cheese. The flavors work well together – expect a little sweet from that bacon jam, which definitely steps up the cheeseburger game.

I’m always curious if build-your-own options will have enough toppings to satisfy my growling belly. For my build-your-own single burger ($4.47), I went simple, with grilled mushrooms ($1), garlic aioli and a fried onion ring ($1). The employee at the checkout counter was awesome; she said she sometimes orders the onion ring burger topper when she’s craving onion rings, but doesn’t want a whole order of ’em. I appreciate a person who thinks outside the bun like that. All in all, the mushroom addition was a little underwhelming; personally, I want my favorite fungi in heaping portions.

Grab a drink from soda machines that make you feel a little Blade Runner-esque when you choose your favorite carbonated beverage from the screen. (Beer and wine are also available.)

To round out our meal, we added an order of Cry & Fries ($5.77), a combo of onion rings and French fries. It was a good portion for two and they were blissfully hot and salty –  everything a fry should be. The onion rings didn’t disappoint, either. The staff at BurgerFi hand-cuts their Brobdingnagian-sized onion rings and crispy fries each slice to gloriousness.

For those of you not in the mood for a burger (because I refuse to believe a person would simply dislike the noble hamburger), opt for all-natural hot dogs in various styles – New York Dog or Texas Dog. Thumbs-up to the New York version ($4.47), featuring the perfect tangy, spicy combo of sauerkraut and mustard. If you don’t do meat, try the VegeFi veggie burger ($6.97) – it’s as good as the standard burgers, with a quinoa base that makes it an easy go-to option for vegetarians.

For dessert, try Custard Concrete ($5.57), BurgerFi’s signature custard creation. It’s a crazy-thick, blended, icy-custard treat in a cup. Or, if you’re really channeling the ’50s, order a custard float ($4.47) in a tall glass bottle of Boylan’s Root Beer. The only thing missing? Pony-tailed waitresses on rollerskates!