Take “A Good Trip” with Shane Mauss

EVENT: Comedian Shane Mauss LIVE stand-up tour, “A Good Trip” (Comedy + Science + Psychedelics)
DATES/TIMES: Saturday, February 4th (two shows: 8pm & 10pm)
VENUE: The Hourglass Pub, 345 E. Bay Street
TICKETS: $15 prior to event, $20 at the door, http://m.bpt.me/event/2727243
CONTACT: Jacksonville Comedy Collective, [email protected]
Sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

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Comedian Shane Mauss will bring his “A Good Trip” comedy tour to Jacksonville, featuring evocative stand-up comedy, hilarious anecdotes, and educational snippets on the theme of psychedelics. Mauss, a Wisconsin native, is a full-time headliner comedian with a passion for infusing science with comedy. Mauss explains the eccentric nature of his thematic performance, “The show isn’t just about psychedelics. It is also about how the brain works. We are storytelling animals, and psychedelics is a tool for me to explore human consciousness, making it fun and accessible. It’s not your typical stoner humor. Psychedelics are interesting and thought-provoking, forcing you to look at the world in a new light, altering your presumptions. This all lends to fantastic comedy.” Shane Mauss will perform two shows on Saturday, February 4th at 8pm and 10pm at the Hourglass Pub in Downtown Jacksonville.

Mauss’ journey into full-time comedy took off after he won the award for Best Stand-Up at the HBO U.S. Comedy Festival almost a decade ago, and since, he has headlined stages around the world, has had numerous television appearances on CONAN, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Showtime, Comedy Central Presents, and has a special on Netflix titled, “Mating Season,” his first themed show involving science, evolution, and psychological human behavior. Mauss admitted to being pleasantly surprised and grateful for the recent success of his “A Good Trip” tour. He describes this tour as the “most exciting time” of his career, as it allows him to take the audience on a journey through the idealized myths, real-life trips, and actual science behind hallucinogens. “The do-it-yourself, indie-comedy movement has created space for entertainers to have much more freedom to pique particular audiences’ interests. Originally, the tour was planned for 40 cities, but since every city has sold out, the tour will now be in over 100 cities due to the high demand. The tour ended up exceeding everyone’s expectations, including my own,” says Mauss.

Mauss is also the creator and host of the popular podcast, “Here We Are,” which has boomed since the “Good Trip” tour commenced, attracting around 50,000 listeners per episode. On the podcast, Mauss interviews academics, scientists, and other field experts to find out what makes us who we are. This nonprofit, ad-free podcast also promotes a charity of the guest’s choice during each episode. Mauss utilizes this platform to give back to the community and further extend his fan base. “My podcast frequently informs and generates material for my stand-up show. I cover some pretty intelligent and challenging ideas in my act. It is rewarding to learn from experts on the show and create funny and fascinating ways to present new information in my stand-up routine. If I was only doing one or the other, I would not be as satisfied. I’m very blessed and happy to be in the position to do both [podcast and stand-up comedy],” says Mauss.

Experience with a variety of comedic techniques and interactions with renown science experts have molded Mauss into a well-rounded and imaginative performer. Mauss strives to perform thematic, laugh-out-loud comedy, interjecting science in bold, innovative ways. “Every comedian looks for a new way to look at the world and present it. I perform challenging, thought-provoking comedy that I am proud of. I hear all the time that people have no attention span, but I disagree. I think many people are still interested in more thoughtful content,” explains Mauss. Mauss is excited to perform his stand-up on a smaller stage of Jacksonville, which will allow him to showcase his personal stories in a more intimate setting. “One of the first times I tried a show on psychedelics was a year and a half ago in Jacksonville. The response I received was incredible, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. After the show, people didn’t just half-heartedly say, ‘Hey, great job.’ People wanted to ask questions and share their own experiences with me. The excitement in people’s eyes made me want to pursue this theme further. It’s been a wild and wonderful journey. I’m always striving to become a better writer and performer, and this is the best show I’ve ever put together.” Mauss also mentioned his next trip to Jacksonville will likely feature a live science podcast.

See Shane Mauss at the Hourglass Pub downtown on February 4th. Follow Shane Mauss on Twitter and Facebook @shanecomedy.

For more information on Shane Mauss, visit http://www.shanemauss.com/. Subscribe to Shane Mauss’ podcast, “Here We Are” on iTunes or via http://www.herewearepodcast.com/.

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