CUP Runneth Over

The beach is the perfect place to enjoya delightful breakfast and The Loving Cup Hash House more than delivers that experience. With a comfy interior and seating at bar, table and booth, it’s a lovely spot with a big plus: lightning-fast service. It seemed like no sooner had we put in our order than the goodies came zooming out.

Hash House features lots of options broken down into sections with adorable names. In Hare Fare, choose from delightful salads; Griddle Grub offers a lineup of pancakes and French toast. There’s a full coffee menu for all your caffeinating needs – or your hot chocolate fix. Hash House also offers made-from-scratch syrups, like mint and chili that will definitely wake you up.

For something savory, we chose the Health Conscious Hash ($12) in the Fit Fuel section and Hash House Hash ($12) in the Farm House Food section. Health Conscious Hash is two eggs your way over a bed of potatoes – not just regular ol’ potatoes, either, but sweet potatoes, turnips and parsnips finished off with a sprinkle of goat cheese. I fell in love with this because, while normal home fries are a win, the combo from the chef at Hash House really works; it’s well-cooked, diced just right – not too big and not too small – and the roast on it was even better. They weren’t mushy at all!

Hash House Hash ($12) is served with two eggs your way over shredded corned beef mixed with home fries. With nice big chunks of the corned beef, this was far superior to the minced, overly processed version others serve. I prefer poached eggs, because when yolk breaks over potatoes, life gets that much better. My eggs were a little well done, so specify if you like yours runnier.

When you go out for breakfast, it’s always nice to finish with something you don’t usually make for yourself. So, for a final touch of sweet, we ordered the Let Your Light Shine ($9) lemon crêpes. You get two crêpes complete with berry compote and sweetened ricotta. While the crêpe itself was not quite as thin as some crêpe-lovers might like, the lemon flavor was so delightful it’s hard to complain. I really feel like this is a dish I should be eating outside in some sunny garden as someone serenades me with a flute or lute. The sweetened ricotta that accompanies the crêpes adds a subtle creaminess; think whipped cream but better. I was a huge fan of the berry compote; it tasted like jam homemade from berries picked from the garden that morning. I would have asked for extra, but they put a really satisfying dollop on top.

Hash House has a baby grand piano and I was told that on some weekends, someone does serenade you while you eat your crêpes. Onsite pianist or not, Hash House is a great spot to get a delicious, fresh and quick breakfast anytime.