BEER Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year when everyone is making resolutions. As beer lovers, getting your calendar for 2017 in order is just as important as joining a gym or getting the office organized. And, because beer is infinitely more fun than either of those, you are way more likely to meet your beer goals.

With that in mind, here are some beer-centric items to be sure you add to your calendar for 2017 (clip this article and tape to your fridge to keep you on track all year).

January is generally a slow month in the beer world. Why not use the time to catch up on some beer reading? Jeff Alworth’s The Beer Bible is a perfect selection. The book covers everything from beer styles and their histories to beer tourism and food pairing. This comprehensive, easy-to-read book is sure to increase your beer knowledge.

Treat your significant other to a special, romantic brew, like the raspberry-flavored, beautifully pink-hued Lindemans Framboise lambic. Also, put the 4th Annual Riverside Craft Beer Festival on your calendar for Feb. 25.

On March 17, hordes of green-attired drinkers will descend on any establishment with a name that sounds remotely Irish. Grab your greenest gear and head out to celebrate all things Irish with a pint of Guinness. You can’t get much more Irish than this classic stout.

Spring is in the air! Now is a great time to try some spring beer styles. Look for Trappist ales and dopplebocks this time of year. These styles were traditionally consumed rather than food during Lent as a way for monks to remain nourished while fasting.

In Germany, maibocks flow from taps of bier gartens that dot the countryside. These golden lagers still carry the higher alcohol of winter brews, but they have a more hop-forward flavor that transitions drinkers from the sweeter lagers of the winter to the spritzier summer lagers.

Summer kicks off the hot-weather beer season. Turn to refreshing beers like pilsners or lighter ales with fruit and citrus flavors.

With baseball season at its halfway point, July is the perfect time to enjoy a Jumbo Shrimps game with a cool, delicious, and satisfying wheat brew. This month the local homebrew club, C.A.S.K., also hosts its annual First Coast Cup competition.

It’s hot, steamy and no one wants to be outside much in August. Stay cool at one of the great local taprooms, like Intuition’s Bay Street location where you can enjoy the rooftop view with a cold brew.

The leaves are beginning to turn up north, so many beer-lovers find September to be the perfect month for a beercation to see some colors and sip local brews. Jax Beer Week also takes place in the fall, so be on the lookout for exact dates.

One word: Oktoberfest. ’Nuff said.

During this month of thankfulness, show your appreciation for great beer and patronize a local beer emporium like The Silver Cow, Dahlia’s Pour House or Kickbacks.

Find a couple of great winter warmer style beers and head out to your neighbor’s ugly sweater party. The beer will be a hit and, after a few pints, you may not feel as embarrassed about wearing that light-up Rudolph sweater.