New Team, Who THIS?

The post-season hopes for the Jaguarsevaporated quickly this year, but helping to end those same hopes for the Tennessee Titans is heartwarming.

Christmas and the holiday season are great, but ripping the dreams from the hearts of your hated rival…’tis the season indeed.

Interim head coach Doug Marrone made a compelling case to offer him the job permanently this offseason. Marrone was aggressive, vocal to players and in true hard-ass fashion (which the Jaguars lacked under Gus Bradley) banned food and hoodies from team meetings. He might not be at the top of the candidate list, but he’s certainly on that list. 

The Jaguars dominated Saturday, securing their first win at EverBank in over a year. What remains to be seen is if this was a one-time fluke, or truly the team that fans and experts expected to see going into this season.

There’s a history of teams firing their head coach mid-season and coming out with a strong performance the following game, only to revert back to the mess that got their coach fired in the first place.

But for now, the Jaguars are looking hot, and this time it’s not just the heat radiating from their dumpster fire. 

Quarterback Blake Bortles looked like the guy we’ve been hoping to see, but it might not be enough to save his career when a new coach takes over.

The front-runner in the hearts of many fans right now is former coach Tom Coughlin. He lives in the area and has hinted to various NFL media outlets that he’s interested in coming back to the league in some sort of role. Some fans have expressed interest in bringing Coughlin back in a more senior role, such as Vice President of Football Operations, or a related job. Only the man with the ‘stash can decide, however. 

What is certain is that Coughlin was quoted before Saturday’s victory saying he’s not a fan of Bortles. 

Enough negatives though, let’s take a moment and celebrate a win. This wasn’t just a regular win either, we took control of the Titans destiny and sent those mayonnaise eaters back to Tennessee for an extended off-season. If you can’t make it to the playoffs yourself, there’s no better feeling than stopping your rivals from doing it. Good luck to Mariota though, I wouldn’t wish a broken leg on any rival.

This win, aside from gifting us with a Victory Christmas we were surely hungover for, showed there is some glimmer of hope for the Jaguars.

Fans at the Bank certainly took notice to that hope. Spending time on Twitter before Saturday’s game had at least this fan worried a lot of folks would opt for family time over another disappointing afternoon spent with the Jaguars. The fans were present and made their voices heard though.

Have the Jaguars we believed in finally emerged in the post-Gus era? Or is this just another case of the team building our hopes, to crush them mercilessly?

I despise draft talks and the cringe-worthy “next year” discussions, but at 3-12 it’s all we have. And if the Jaguars can finish the season like we played against Tennessee, dare I say it…next year might be a good year.

Don’t let us down, Jaguars.

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