PIGSKIN Promenade

While denial gets a bad rap as the cunning refutation of subjective reality, i.e., addiction, a cheating partner, Trump not winning the presidency, thinking you should wear hot-pink yoga pants to church, etc., it can also help us believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars are a stellar football team before which the pigskin nation genuflects. However, there’s always hope; as well as slapping on more greasy, clotty slabs of denial! While the cats, at press time, are at 2-11, maybe they’ll trounce the Titans (8-6). Did we mention you can swim in a pool and watch a big Jumbotron TV? How ’bout them Jags?

1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 24, EverBank Field, Downtown, $40-$332, ticketmaster.com.