We’re the Jaguars and I’m Very SORRY

Turns out the only thing more heart wrenching than watching the Jaguars on Sunday is watching them sick. Cough medicine doesn’t quite counteract the sadness as well as a beer.

And drinks were in demand as the Jacksonville Jaguars were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs after Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. 

For the fourth straight week, the Jags found themselves on the losing side of a one-score game. And for the ninth time this season, the Jags have found a new way to lose a football game.

This was a playoffs-or-bust season; the rebuild was finally complete. Now it’s not even December and we’re sitting at 2-9, realizing this could be one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

The loss, once again, was a team effort. Dropped passes, poor clock management, special teams struggles, defensive flops and missed opportunities contributed to another disappointing Sunday.

Boos and profanities filled the air after several decisions by the game’s officiating staff. A mysterious defensive pass interference call on the Jags erased an interception and set up the Bills’ go-ahead touchdown.

The Jaguars final possession saw a defender grab and pull the jersey of receiver Allen Robinson, but no flag was thrown.

In pure Duval fashion, quarterback Blake Bortles harshly criticized the no-call in a post-game press conference. When asked if he would be fined for the comment, he shrugged it off, “Might as well keep talking then.”

Perhaps we’re biased as Jags fans, but when Bills head coach Rex Ryan comments that it was a good game by the referees, it’s tough to ignore how poorly the game was called.

However, teams should put themselves in positions where the refs can’t jeopardize a victory. Yet once again, the Jags shot themselves in the foot…several times.

This makes the season that much more frustrating and confusing. There isn’t one aspect of the game, or one specific person, that deserves the load of the blame. They’re losing as a team. 

Sure, Bortles and head coach Gus Bradley are certainly sitting on the hottest seats, but the team itself is in regress mode.

Special teams can’t field punts or stop big returns; when Bortles does throw a good pass it’s dropped (looking at you, Hurns) and even forcing the opposing offense into a third and long situation means nothing because our defense gives up big plays.

What’s even more aggravating is that they aren’t the worst team in their division, but they fall apart each week at the worst times.

I can’t even listen to the Bradley post-games anymore. Four years and 14 wins later, and he’s still talking about how much the team has learned and how hard they play.

Jacksonville doesn’t deserve the team they have, the city deserves better. Not saying the team should leave, but week after week fans pour their heart, soul, money and liver into the Jags, getting nothing in return.

In perspective, the Chicago Bears — with the same record as the Jags — had an actual attendance of just over 48,000 this past week. The Windy City has no time to waste on a bad product.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville takes the losses, players’ criticisms and the social media/office jokes and still stands by their team.

Are people angry? Sure, and honestly they should be. But for now, they are still crowding EverBank and defending their losing team.

How much more “building” and “learning” can the fans really take?

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