This SPUD’S for You

Mr. Potato Spread has been around for a few years now, but they’ve been in the corporate catering shadows. Now with their shiny new food truck, you’ll have access to ridiculously tasty, ridiculously stuffed baked potatoes far more regularly than you have ever had in your life! Living in the 21st Century does have some perks.

As we know, potatoes are a magical root vegetable. The versatility of the potato has never been summed up so perfectly and succinctly as the immortal words of the great Samwise Gamgee, “boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew!” While traversing Middle Earth made baked potatoes a bad option for the fellowship, it’s where Mr. Potato shines. You’ll feel good about getting your tater fix at Mr. Potato, too, because it’s a family operation. Chef and owner Aaron Spann and his wife Lakota have 3 kids; his oldest son works at the family business slinging tots.

Step right up and take a gander at the many options Mr. Potato has to offer and you’ll soon be dreaming of items like The Crab Pot Potato ($10). The Crab Pot has everything you would need, or want, in a good low country boil. I’m talking sausage, shrimp, crab, egg, kernels of corn and Old Bay seasoning! The bonus? Garlic butter drizzled over the whole thing. If you weren’t convinced a moment before, I’m sure you are now. If you are wondering how they manage to get everything in the potato, I’ll remind you that the actual potato vessel is huge. They also scoop a little bit of potato filling out, just to give more room for the delicious toppings.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch Pot Potato ($8) was up next. This glorious potato version comes with a large helping of shredded chicken marinated in ranch seasoning. Aaron Spann, chef and owner of Mr. Potato, then crumbles bacon on top and adds cheese, tomato, green onions and a ranch dressing.

If you’re feeling like you need some more Vitamin B in your life, switch up your order by subbing in a sweet potato for just a dollar. If you are a veg head, you’ll want the Vegetable Pot ($8), which comes with broccoli and cheese and peppers and onions for good measure. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, like Frodo, and need an outlet, I suggest the “Create Your Own Pot,” which starts at $4. Then you can add any of the many extras that are available, like pulled pork ($3), shrimp ($2), etc. They do specials every month, too, and currently it’s a Shrimp Fajita Potato.

They also have some other options like their Shepherd Pie Balls ($8), which you can currently only find on the truck. An order of this delectable majesty comes with four golden balls of rolled mashed potatoes filled with ground beef, corn, carrots and peas. Then it’s battered and fried. It’s pretty much the most perfect St. Patrick’s Day food!

I’d say that Mr. Potato team has an “everything is bigger in Texas” philosophy. Each potato come served in a snappable plastic container, almost as if they are daring you to finish the giant in front of you but are willing to let you keep your pride by providing an easy option for plan B. Oh and FYI, they reheat really well, too, because even I wasn’t able to finish it all. To me, that means Mr. Potato has the Samwise Gamgee seal of approval.