MONEY for The Bank

Once again, the Jaguars proved they are incapable of coming away with a victory. Despite several statistical victories, much like against Kansas City, the Jaguars fell apart at all the wrong moments and couldn’t recover.

For the fifth straight game, the defense was unable to force a turnover and for the fourth game in a row, the offense couldn’t take the lead.

Quarterback Blake Bortles started the game with an interception returned for a touchdown, causing fans to lose hope early enough to change their plans. While some maintain he can return to his numbers from last year, some of which were inflated during garbage time, it’s getting more and more difficult to envision his wobbly jump balls as the future of the franchise.

Defensively, Dante Fowler (or should we say Fouler) reminded fans of the lack of discipline the team has shown all season. Fowler has been flagged eight times this year, three for personal foul penalties.

Ultimately, the Jaguars did what they’ve done best for many years – lack consistency, play sloppy and talk about how much was “learned” from their loss.

Come day’s end, we still love the Jaguars. Most Sundays, it feels more like hate as we boo them and drink too much, but if we as fans truly didn’t care, we’d change the channel and forget about it.

Will season ticket sales drop next season? Probably, but the stands will still be lined with fans because that’s what we do. Duval ’til we die.

Fans in Jacksonville endure a lot of heartache, but the only thing we shouldn’t have to experience is disrespect on our own turf.

Attention was brought to the Bold City Brigade, a Jaguars support group of which I have been a proud member for a half-decade, that a store in the stadium sells opposing teams’ merchandise. Apparently, it’s been happening all season.

Some fans might not take issue with this, maybe even think it’s frivolous to bring it up. Plus, the NFL is always on the hunt for revenue and business is business.

What are the chances Florida State will sell University of Florida gear when the Gators come to town? Or that Yankee Stadium sells Boston Red Sox caps? I’m guessing slim at best.

Sure, it’s just a game, a business, capitalist enterprise … I get it. But for those who are there week after week, for decades, standing behind the biggest dumpster fire this side of Cleveland, it’s a slap in the face.

Players have been complaining about opposing fans making more noise in the stands or how London feels more like home. Yet we have a stadium that enforces no standing zones, no yelling areas, allows opposing fans to buy merch on the road, eliminating the “Twelfth Man” from the game.

A home-field advantage can exist only if it’s allowed to be hostile. Kansas City and Seattle shake the Richter scale and break world records to accomplish this.

Fans in Green Bay are known around the league for their harshness and I’m willing to bet they don’t sell Bears merchandise to season ticket holders.

The Jaguars are in last place, imploding on a rebuild, and haven’t won at home in nearly a year. The last thing we should have to think about is the chance to buy some Titans swag during halftime.

If you’re fine with that, cool. If not, call Dave Mitura at 904-633-6000, and leave a (respectful) message.

Time to lock down the Bank once again.