Down Where it’s WETTER

November 9, 2016
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So, you’ve spent the day at the beach (because winter’s coming, right!?) and now you’re ready for some grub and some drinks, but you don’t feel like leaving the beach to get them. You want a spot that’s on the water, but you’re not packing any Pub subs, so where to go? There are several great options, but in Jax Beach, close to the pier, Ocean Bar & Grille off First Street North and Third Avenue North has the market cornered. Ocean B&G has a great view, seafood aplenty, and inexpensive margaritas. Which, in my mind, is all you can ask of a beach spot.

Pull up a table from the ample outdoor seating, grab a menu and order yourself a margarita. If you’re really feeling a marg, choose the OG Margarita ($10.99), which has top-shelf tequila like Don Questo Añejo, or OB&G’s signature three-dollar margarita — which, yes, costs three dollars. If you’re not in the mood for salt, lime and tequila, there’s a plethora of other quaffs. The upscale but relaxed lounge has a large drink menu, with delights like OG Painkiller ($9) and OG Starburst ($8).

Ocean Bar & Grille has standard fare that may look familiar, but its beachside atmosphere can’t be beat. The full menu baits us with Florida beach cuisine — think steamed buckets of seafood, a variety of oysters, fried bites, and fish tacos.

A featured appetizer is gator tail bites ($11.99), so it’s a great place to take out-of-town relatives who might squeal with joy (and a little bit of trepidation) at the prospect of eating some local reptilian fare. Each plate has about 10 pieces of gator tail, fried in a peppery coating, which readily prompts that “tastes likes chicken” comparison. The order includes a side of dipping sauce — “swamp sauce” — to complete the true Florida experience. Garnish with a squeeze of lemon for a more sophisticated feel, or save the lemon to really get that “Sun-In” feel.

Remember how you were just lounging on the beach, all hungry? The lovely view doesn’t change, but now you can actually be scarfing down those seafood tacos that were hitherto just a dream. Taco options are fish ($6.99), shrimp ($6.99) or scallop ($8.99), blackened. It’s two tacos to an order; each of the scallop tacos had two decent-sized marine bivalve mollusks (aka scallops — see, learning can be delicious).

The mahi sandwich ($13.99) is the perfect companion for any beachside outing. The mahi is served blackened, with a choice of fries, sweet fries or tater tots. That’s right, tater tots! I may sound like a starving adolescent, but there’s something about tater tots that just brings happiness to any palate. I’m quite sure I’ll always be impressed when a restaurant offers The Tots.

Relax at your almost-beachside table and score another margarita, or mix it up and go for the OG Starburst; there’s no rush on a beach day. Take in the sea breeze, then head home to bundle up for a wicked winter … well, sorta.

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