#EUMixtapes 2: The Election Mix

This mix will pay homage to the Trump tape, feelin' the Bern, and to having the first female candidate of a major US political party

eumixtapes_Ricardo Maldonado - Morgan Henley
Welcome to the second #EUMixtapes, a new series for EU Jacksonville. These weekly music mixes come from Ricky and Morgan, who after years of trading mixes between ourselves, are very excited to have the opportunity to invite some other to join in our exchange. While the term ‘mixtape’ is probably verifiable retro today and that we no longer are trading mixes between each other on burnt CDs with hand drawn CD covers, we still find some magic in a carefully crafted mix done with attention and a true sense of responsibility. This time, we’ll be sharing them through Spotify, but keeping with tradition, we will try to keep the mixes associated to a common theme, although to understand the theme, some creativity will surely be necessary. Also, as all good mixtapes, we have crafted them to be played in order, so we encourage you to turn off your shuffle function for the first (and hopefully not last) listen. We hope you enjoy!


The Election Mix


With Election Day a mere 8 days away, we’ve got a mix to get you in that ‘fulfilling-my-civic-duty-in-a-functioning-democracy’ kind of mood! As a kind of history of this election cycle’s highs and lows, this mix will pay homage to everything from to the Trump tape, Clinton’s emails, dismantling President Bill Clinton’s legacy, feelin’ the Bern, to having the first female candidate of a major US political party.

This playlist is best enjoyed either while reading your sample ballot, on your way to your voting station, or celebrating on November 9 that this hell is finally over.


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  1. This is perfect from the jump. What an opener!