Kevin Hart: What now?

Release Date: October 4, 2016
Running Time: 1 hour and 36 minutes
Rated R
Grade: A

Directed By: Leslie Small & Tim Story


The stop was at a casino where he is accompanying by Halle Berry in a poker game. The sinister looking Victor plays against Kevin and is disgusted when he loses millions of dollars to the sarcastic little man. Before Kevin can exit the casino, Victor’s thugs apprehend him so that Victor can request his money back. Kevin refuses stating that he needs the money for his global tour. History is made when Kevin enters the stage at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia PA to entertain 53,000 people in the first ever comedic performance to a sold out football arena. Kevin’s comedy comes from a real place. He hilariously relays stories about his friends, family, and his woman with high energy and an honesty that exudes from every topic that he covers. Kevin’s fear of wild life (especially racoons) in the suburbs, the antics of his two children who attend private school, Starbucks, his father’s interactions with the Iphone that he bought him, and the conversations that he has with his woman unite the mulch-cultural audience with laughter.
I’m alive. I’m still experiencing things which still means that I have stuff to talk about.

8p05_tp_00025rAt the age of 36, Kevin Hart has make hit movies such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Get Hard, and Central Intelligence. Most recently, he voiced the character of Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets and I laughed so hard that I thought I’d fall out of my seat. In 2009, he began releasing the following stand-up films: I’m a Grown Little Man, Seriously Funny, Laugh at My Pain, and Let Me Explain. Having come from a troubled family, Kevin always relied on his sense of humor to get by. Now he relies on his talent to entertain the world. After steadily achieving success, Kevin asked himself, “What Now?” The answer was to embark on a global tour from April 9, 2015 to August 7, 2015. Filmed at the Lincoln Financial Arena in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, What Now? expands his Rockstar Comedy legend status with this record breaking performance. Thankfully, this performance was made into a film for more HartNation fans to enjoy. During the screening, I laughed so hard that all 40 muscles involved in laughter were aching from overuse. The audience in Lincoln Financial Center’s laughter and reactions paralleled the response from the audience in the theater. Reaaally? The wrap around skit of Kevin as Agent 0054 is priceless. The ticket price to see Kevin Hart, however, is the best way to spend 96 minutes of your time. You’ve got 20 seconds and the clock starts now…go see this film!                                    ~Movie Buffette

Kevin Hart as Himself
Halle Berry as Herself
Don Cheadle as Himself
Ed Helms as The Bartender
David Meunier as Victor
Joey Wells as Denzel


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