Café con CANINE

Dear Davi,

What is a dog café? Is it a place for dogs to hang out and have a latte?

Indira the Italian Greyhound



Dogs don’t need coffee — we’re already amped on life! But for humans who need a jolt, dog cafés offer a combo that’s sure to attract lovers of caffeine and canines alike. This concept puts a spin on the way people connect with homeless dogs and enriches their lives until they find a forever home.

I stopped by Jacksonville Dog Café to meet the founder, Carolyn Snowden, and fetch the story on her pet project.

How is Jacksonville Dog Café different from a coffee shop?
Our café is different because we provide the coffee AND the dogs. Humans come to the café to enjoy a coffee while mingling with some of the most lovable and eligible dogs from local shelters and rescue organizations.

Do you serve food or treats?
We do not serve food, but our coffee and tea are locally owned and roasted by Martin Coffee Company. It’s free to visitors and fantastic.

Can humans bring their own dogs?
Unfortunately, no. Our events are strictly for adoptable dogs from local organizations.

What is your mission?
Our team hopes to revolutionize dog adoption by reinventing the way people connect with rescues who need homes.

How can humans — and dogs — benefit from your café?
It’s a win-win for both dogs and humans. For dogs, the café offers opportunities to socialize and interact with all types of people. For humans, the café offers opportunities to meet canine candidates who are ready for a home, or a chance to spend quality time with dogs without the commitment of adoption.

Are you connected with local pet organizations?
Yes. We are currently teamed with Kamp Kritter, The Old Dog House, D.A.R.E (Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education), and Heroes & Hounds, but reserve one spot per event when space allows for other rescues.

How can someone adopt a dog?
Every organization has a different process. There are applications, fees and home visits before rescue dogs are adopted. We want to make sure it’s a good fit for all involved, especially the dogs.

Tell us about the events you host.
Our tagline — Visit. Play. Adopt — says it all. We keep our events small because smaller events allow for more intimate interaction, and it’s more peaceful for both the dogs and the visitors. Our events are scheduled every other month, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the weekend.

What do people need to do to visit?
Folks are welcome to just show up, but we do encourage people to visit our website and reserve a spot for our events. Go to

Where is the café?
We are at 4228 St. Johns Avenue. Our café shares space with a grooming salon in Avondale.

For more information about Jacksonville Dog Café, visit the website at or email [email protected].

Happy visiting, playing and adopting!.


Davi the dachshund can’t adopt pets of his own, but he would if he could!