Rix Rex: Mockshop Music Exchange and the Celestial Dream Pop of wise river

Rix Rex (Ricardo’s Recommendations) is a new monthly music column focused on highlighting some of Jacksonville’s greatest bands, musicians, and anything music related you may not know about. This month, EU talks with wise river guitarist and owner of Mockshop Music Exchange, Jack Mock.

Located in the heart of Murray Hill at 933 Edgewood Ave S is Mockshop Music Exchange: a boutique music store unlike any other in Jacksonville, which specializes in unique guitars, effects pedals, and amplifiers. Opened in July of 2016 by owner Jack Mock, Mockshop Music Exchange provides the urban core of Jacksonville with a locally owned and operated music store, fulfilling all of your music gear needs.

After noticing a void in Jacksonville for a music store of this kind, Mock was finally able to open the store he had always dreamed of. “We’re going have products in here that you’re not going to see anywhere else,” explains Mock. “We have niche effects pedals and guitars that are hand made in America by small companies and also a lot of gear that is not even really prevalent in Florida.”

mockshop_logo_MPrior to opening the store, Mock recalls, “My whole house was flooded with gear, at one point my dining room was filled with boxes and 16 amps.” Now, Mock’s music store provides something very different from big box music stores in a comfortable and intimate setting. In addition to many Reverend Guitar products, and Supro and Goodsell amplifiers, Mockshop Music Exchange also offers a range of bass guitars, drum equipment, boutique effects pedals, and used gear.

Mock is warm, friendly, and very laid-back. He and the others working at the store want nothing more than to sell great gear to musicians and repair their existing equipment, and all for a reasonable price. Guitar technician Mikey Lamson has over ten years of guitar repair experience and offers services ranging from full service repairs, setups, electrical work, custom additions, and even just putting on a fresh set of strings.

photo by Jesse Brantman

Among the many effects pedals offered, Mockshop Music Exchange also carries custom effects pedals built by their effects pedal technician, Cody Nobles of Sunset Effects, who also provides repair services. Mockshop Music Exchange offers full pedal board setups with custom cut cables as well. The years of experience and knowledge between the three gentlemen have helped to create an amazing store with an even greater customer experience and satisfaction. Mock’s goal, he explains, is to, “Get the kind of gear into people’s hands that are going to inspire them to do other things. Gear, equipment, and pedals to me are more than about how they are tools, but how they are things that inspire you. It’s going to make you want to play and create while finding something new, and inspiring.”

Mockshop Music Exchange has recently started an in-store video series for the web called Mockshop Music Exchange Live, in which bands perform live in the store, using some of the gear the shop has for sale. The first band to participate in this new series was the Young Step, and Mock hopes for many more to come in the future.

Jack Mock
Jack Mock, photo by Jesse Brantman

Jack Mock, who is now 25 years old, first began to play music at the age of 12 after receiving a red Epiphone Dot as a gift. Growing up in Jacksonville, he and his father would often attend concerts like Eric Clapton, the Who, and Paul McCartney. Since the age of 15, Mock has always played in bands and been a part of the music scene in Jacksonville. He is currently a member of the bands Fort Stories, Strangerwolf, and wise river.

Comprised of Laura Shannon, John Shannon, and Mock, the band wise river combines sounds of lush synths with ambient, atmospheric guitars and vocals to create celestial soundscapes and pensive, dreamy electro pop. The trio has just released a new music video filmed by Carl Rosen for the song ‘Hangup,’ which is featured on their forthcoming EP slated for release this September.

After all performing in Fort Stories together, Mock joined siblings John and Laura Shannon to form the wise river trio and round out the full, lavish sounds the band now produces. Commenting on the new EP, producer and primary songwriter John Shannon explains, “It’s made up of two songs that are instrumental that feature spoken word vocal samples, and then two songs with sung vocals by me and Laura. The instrumental songs are eerie, spacey, and filled with interesting instrumental noise and tone. The other two are a bit more fun to listen to and sing along to. Overall, I think it’s a great mix of what people have come to expect when they listen to our recordings or see us live.”

wise river, jack mock, mock shop music exchange, murray hill
wise river, photo by Jesse Brantman

“The instrumental songs are eerie, spacey, and filled with interesting instrumental noise and tone.”

While creating the EP, Mock had the chance to explore a wide range of musical textures and tones, many of which can be attributed to the effects pedals he carries for sale at Mockshop Music Exchange.

Following their win of The Square competition, wise river made a music video for their song ‘Sionna’ in collaboration with WJCT and the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. They were then later featured during a TEDx Jacksonville event, performing the same song, all of which can be found on their social media sites.

Be on the lookout for wise river’s debut EP this month and for future live shows. As for Mockshop Music Exchange, Mock hopes to continue to expand the store and offer more products, more gear, and more variety. Mock says he would love to see Wilco in the store one day and talk guitar with Nels Cline, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for that one. For now, take any gear in need of repair to this Murray Hill gem, or just stroll in and check out the great products this store owner and local musician is bringing to Jacksonville.

Web: www.mockshopmusicexchange.com
Phone: 904-647-4415
Email: [email protected]

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