When You Need It Fixed Call “The Mechanic”

Mechanic: Resurrection
Release Date: August 26, 2016
Running Time: 1 hour and 36 minutes
Rated R for intense violence
Grade: B
Directed By: Dennis Ganzel

I’ve been waiting too long to get even with you.

D4D_5734.NEFArthur Bishop is a mechanic (mafia term for a hitman) who has retired after being tricked into killing his friend/mentor Harry McKenna. While in retirement, he is recruited by a ghost from his past (Crain) who is currently in the human trafficking business. Bishop escapes the clutches of Crain’s henchmen and retreats to an island resort that is ran by an old friend named Mei. While there he meets Gina who appears to be the victim of an abusive relationship. Bishop quickly learns that this is another ruse arranged by Crain. Since Bishop has fallen in love with Gina, Crain captures her and has leverage over Bishop to complete three assassinations. Bishop’s unique skill of eliminating targets by making it look like an accident is required to take out Crain’s competition. By the third hit, Bishop becomes wise to Crain’s plan and initiates a plan of his own to save the woman that he loves.
You have 36 hours to eliminate all of his targets or he will eliminate me.


Mechanic: Resurrection is the sequel that is almost equal. Like Tommy Lee Jones, Jason Statham (The Expendables, Transporter, and Furious 7) proves that he just keeps getting better with age. At 49, Statham continues to make action films that people want to watch. His expertise in martial arts, specifically in Jujitsu, enables him to perform most of his own stunts. Even though some of the sequences in this film look a little too choreographed, the skill behind the actor make even the over-the-top scenes look most impressive. Statham’s 12 years with the British national diving team also comes in handy with his scuba diving scenes, but we get a special treat of seeing him dive off a cliff in this film. What limits this sequel is a change in writers and director. The first installment in 2011 was a remake of the 1972 film of the same name in which Lewis John Carlino wrote the story and co-wrote


the screenplay. Simon West, with experience directing action films such as Expendables 2, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Con Air, directed the 2011 Mechanic but in this sequel is replaced by Dennis Ganzel who does not. Mechanic: Resurrection opens up with a bang then slows down to set up the plot using Jessica Alba as eye candy. It isn’t until mid-film until she actually begins having some meaningful dialogue. The elaborate assassination scenes skillfully executed by Statham is the driver of this movie. Oh, and the inclusion of Tommy Lee Jones in the third act was a nice touch. Overall, if you are fan of Handsome Rob (I mean Jason Statham), then you will not be disappointed. Dive into the theater to see this one! ~Movie Buffette

Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
Jessica Alba as Gina
Michelle Yeoh as Mei
Sam Hazeldine as Crain
John Cenatiempo as Jeremy
Toby Eddington as Adrian Cook
Femi Elufowoju Jr. as Krill
and Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams

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