Every DOG has his DAY

Dear Davi,

Word around the dog park is that people are preparing for a canine celebration. What’s the scoop?

Harley the Harrier Hound



Let’s be real. Isn’t every day a day to celebrate dogs? You betcha! And while many dogs are pampered on the daily, National Dog Day has been set aside — Friday, Aug. 26 to be exact — for humans to celebrate and appreciate the love and loyalty of their BFFs — best four-legged friends.

I’ve sniffed around for some fun ways our humans can make the most of this special day:

Pamper Your Pooch
Spend some quality time giving scrumptious spa treatments, like an oatmeal bath for a clean coat, or teeth cleaning for fresh breath. Don’t forget a nail trim for healthy paws. Wrap up the day with a doggie massage and a belly rub — who wouldn’t love that?

Go Shopping
Take your dog on a shopping spree and buy a fun new toy, or two, or five! Looking to splurge? Find a new collar that’s so fetch or a fancy harness that fits. Maybe a fluffy new bed or an IQ ball filled with treats to chase — mine keeps me occupied for hours!

Get Outside
Spend an afternoon enjoying the great outdoors together with a challenging hike on a trail, a jog around town, or a long walk on the beach. Bring along plenty of water and treats, and make sure to check park rules and pet policies before visiting.

Make a Treat
Whip up a batch of tasty treats for your hungry hound. Not only are homemade dog treats wholesome and nutritious, they’re easy-peasy to prepare and can be made specifically for your furry friend’s favorite flavors or dietary restrictions — yum!

Teach a New Trick
Whether training a new puppy or teaching an old dog a new trick, the benefits of schooling your pooch go way beyond wowing your neighbors. Learning new skills keeps our minds sharp and builds our confidence. The more you teach, the quicker we learn, and the smarter we become! Remember, the most important thing is building an active, healthy bond of trust between you and your dog, ensuring a lifetime of love.

Let’s not forget to shine the spotlight on those dogs who serve, protect and comfort humans. From saving lives to detecting danger, dogs keep humans safe and help those in need.

If you don’t have a dog, you can still take time to lend a paw and help a dog in need. Consider donating to your local shelter or volunteering at your favorite rescue. Many shelters and rescue groups list items they need, such as blankets, toys and food. Every dog deserves a chance to have a happy and healthy life. Happy National Dog Day!

Davi the dachshund isn’t a nationally known canine, but he’s tops in NEFla!