Summer Sizzles!


The hot days of summer are almost upon us. Beach days, evenings spent catching fire flies and afternoons under the shade of a tree enjoying an ice cream are summer favorites.  Unfortunately, enjoying the natural wonders that Florida has to offer us comes with a price – bug bites and sunburns can make an outdoor adventure a lot less fun! At Tree Hill Nature Center we spend a lot of time outdoors through the summer, caring for our animals and tending the gardens. We’d like to share with you a few of our favorite ways to stay cool and comfortable this summer.

    • Cooling towels are your best friend! Compact and lightweight, these are a must for anyone spending time outside this summer. These can be found at most drug stores, outdoor stores and online retailers.  Dip them in cold water, wring them out and apply to your neck for heat relief.


    • There is no question about the benefits of sunscreen, but we can’t help wonder about the chemicals that we absorb or the runoff into our streams and oceans. If this is something you think about, we suggest checking out the Environmental Working Group’s website, which rates all manner of products based on their impact to the environment. Lookup bug repellants while you’re there to find the best one for you and your family (


  • Stay hydrated! The heat can sneak up on you, and suddenly you’re overheated with a headache or worse. Good ole water is a great choice, but the dog days of summer are the time to indulge in a sports drink or a coconut water to replenish salts and minerals lost in the heat. If you find yourself overexerted, try some raisins, a half of a banana or some pretzels to help replenish your energy stores.


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