Jacksonville’s Fan Lexicon unites nerds of all ages

Jacksonville’s Fan Lexicon started on Friday, August, 19, 2016 at the Lexington Hotel. This three day event was full of cosplay, karaoke, Pokemon Go events and more. People who travel all over the East Coast, and even those who reside in Orlando made their way to Lexicon to sell their items or to simply indulge in all that Lexicon has to offer.

Fan Lexicon, EU Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, Jasmyn, Stormtroopers, Special Effects Make-Up

The anime room, filled with Sailor Moon cosplayers, consisted of karaoke and different booths. The fun and light vibes motivated anyone to simply let go of their shyness and join the group. Vendors spread throughout Lexicon were there with original works or to promote their businesses like the Museum of Science and History, or Jasmyn, an organization established in Jacksonville to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Fan Lexicon, EU Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

The Pokebug, a super yellow Volkswagen Bug covered with Pikachu, was the most intriguing part of the event. The entire inside of the car was filled with different forms of Pikachu, the outside had cut outs of Pikachu around it with the iconic ears and tail of Pikachu placed on the front and back of the car. It was clear from the amount of dedication everyone at Lexicon brought, made this event memorable for all its attendees.

With the never ending boxes of comics, the cosplayers, the funko pops, it was all topped off with the arcade room. The arcade room brought back my childhood memories with game systems like the Nintendo Gamecube. Gamers played games that ranged from the original Super Mario Bros. to different years of Smash Bros.

Fan Lexicon, EU Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, Jasmyn

If you haven’t gone to this event, or any event such as this, take advantage and make sure to attend next year. This event is family friendly, relaxing, fun, and an amazing way to unwind before heading back to work on Monday.

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