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unnamed (25)If you put the greatest writer in the world and the greatest artist in the world in the same room, there is a good chance they will make a work of transformed images and magnified words. A comic book, to be exact. Jacksonville, Florida, is the home of a slew of comic creators and innovators. We have heroes, leaders and ambitions that are so grand that they can only be contained just beyond our imaginations. We are also lucky to be the home of several fine comic shops and cons.

The comic book stores, the hobby shops and the conventions stand as a literal tribute to the economic impact of this medium. Public interest has long dictated this type of growth. The craze for comics is real, dating before the 90s, 80s, 70s, even back to the golden days of the medium. In the 1930s eager children found worlds tucked away between the pages of timely comics. Stores sprouted from the ground for the new medium and then conventions. Generations have generated powerful memories of their decades.

Comic books in general have an influence on people. Reading encourages the mind to be beautiful and enlightens our appetite for knowledge. The stories with ensuing drama captures our attention. Comics entertain us but also inspire us. When introduced to a world of originally it is only a matter of time before we begin writing our own tales. We become writers, artists and custodians of fantasy within a few pages of reading. Like Jacksonville’s own “Moxie Girl.”

Cozying up to a comfortable book sounds like a great idea during the seasonal change into winter. However, in the heat of summer people are more active. In Florida it’s mostly summer year round, so there is naturally a nice environment for reading. Many different demographics are into comic books as well. Children, teenagers and also more mature audiences. The stories within the illustrated covers are as timeless as their reader’s curiosity. Jacksonville’s comic book scene is interesting and familiar. In another city there would be some similarities but it wouldn’t be the exact same. No matter the age or city it’s always a great time for comics. In Jacksonville the best time to read comics is right now.

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