August 17, 2016
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“Never fake, hand-cut steaks, from our family to yours.” That’s the philosophy the Eddis family has about slinging fresh cheesesteaks out of the Eddis & Sons food truck. Chris and his wife Jenn are Philadelphia natives, recently relocated to Jacksonville, who now call Springfield home. They’ve decided to raise their four boys here and bring a little bit of Philadelphia to the South.

The Eddis’ Cheesesteak ($8.41) is as traditional as it gets with steak hand-cut as thin as paper. It’s not a new combination by any means but Chef Chris knows how to take the time-honored combination of meat and cheese to a satisfying level. The bread absorbs just enough of the steak juices to be flavored, but not enough to be soggy. The pepper and onions are a sweet addition, and I chose to add portabellas, because, well, mushrooms — believe me, you won’t regret the extra 50 cents. For all you steak fans, an Eddis & Sons steak sandwich features chuck eye Black Angus. (For the uninformed, that means it’s a damn good piece of meat.)

Chicken Buffalo ($8.41) is a great choice for those who favor poultry over beef — but you can’t mess with perfection, so I still recommend going with the pride of Philly — the cheesesteak sandwich.

When you see “Jawn” on the menu, don’t be confused — according to Chef Chris, it’s the “Philly noun” that can be any person, place or thing. The Veggie Jawn ($8.41) features organic seitan, which is totally wheat gluten. You’d think that a guy who creates such traditional and classic cheesesteaks would not embrace any kind of vegetarian options, but you’d be wrong. The seitan is crazy crisp, and has a great roasted flavor that goes with the peppers and onions that top the sandwich.

While some modern Philly cheesesteaks utilize a thick, processed cheese sauce, Eddis & Sons offer a variety of cheeses from which to choose. Pick from white American, Cheez Whiz, sharp provolone and Chef Chris’ highly recommended go-to dairy ingredient, good ol’ solid provolone.

While meat, cheese and veg make up the largest flavor profile for an Eddis creation, the thing that holds it all together — bread — can really make or break it. No worries here; this food truck’s methods are unimpeachable from start to finish. To wit: Chris has fresh rolls flown in from Amoroso’s Bakery in Philly. It’s a nice touch for the authenticity factor and the quality is undeniable. Chef Chris hasn’t forgotten about his gluten-free customers — there’s a lettuce cup option fondly known as “Eddis Lettuce” just for y’all … er, youse.

Each sandwich includes a hot cherry pepper that lives up to its name without burning off the taste buds. Chips and drinks are also available to round out your meal.

Find Eddis & Sons every Tuesday at Shantytown Pub in Springfield and check out their Facebook for a full schedule of sites and events.

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