Brickbats & BOUQUETS

BRICKBATS TO CIRCUIT JUDGE MARK HULSEY Judge Hulsey currently faces formal charges before the Judicial Qualifications Commission, that he used racially charged language and referred to a female lead staff attorney as a “b—-h” and a “c–t.” As appalling as these allegations are, more troubling is that the judge – who has since been reassigned to probate court by Chief Judge Mark Mahon – improperly used a staff attorney to research proper capital trial procedure and later “unfairly berated, and blamed” her for mistakes he made at trial. Turns out there is a market for Presiding Over Death Penalty Cases for Dummies. 

BOUQUETS TO GUOJUN BU On July 25, Dr. Bu received 2016 MetLife Foundation Major Award for Medical Research on Alzheimer’s disease for his breakthrough discoveries related to the disease. In two decades, Bu and his team have published more than 220 peer-reviewed articles, which have been cited thousands of times. Bu’s unwavering dedication to studying Alzheimer’s disease has earned him and his team recognition among peers as among the most significant contributors to the field.

BRICKBATS TO TRI-FORCE DEVELOPMENT In what seems to be yet another example of Goliath kicking the snot out of David, on Friday Tri-Force placed concrete barriers blocking the front entry to the parking lot of Hoby’s Honey & General Store, which leases space there. Hoby’s owner, Ryan Hoback, told News4Jax that he had refused Tri-Force’s previous offer to buy out the lease. Then, three days after Tri-Force took ownership, Hoback says the barriers appeared under the guise of “safety” concerns, blocking access to the 1960s-era building, resulting in an 80 percent decrease in Hoby’s business.

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october, 2021