B Street Eats, a new concept conceived by the owners of Maple Street Biscuit Company, features outdoor seating and a simple yet sumptuous Latin menu.B Street is tucked behind the Maple Street shop on Cordova Street in St. Augustine. Take the pleasant pathway to the ordering window.

Barbara Cabe, one of two managers, made us feel right at home as she went over the menu and told us about the most popular items.

Two such crowd-pleasers? Tortas, a common Latin sandwich, De Todo un Poco or “The Box,” and the Companeros, “The Companions.” Barbara explained that the menu is centered on three proteins: chicken, three-day marinated Caribbean pork, and fruta loca or “crazy fruit.” All sandwiches, boxes and salads on the menu can easily be made with any of these options.

Barbara recommended we start with the ever-popular Double the Corn ($4) dip, a chilled creamy corn mixture with a kick. It’s served in a large cup with plenty to share, and includes fresh corn chips.

The Cheesy Pig ($11) is a glorious torta with the juicy and flavor-packed marinated Caribbean pork shining like a prize-winning pig. A healthy portion of shredded pork covers housemade plum chutney and cheeses that melt right into the pork. Banana peppers atop the pork have a nice crunch, and the sharp tang pulls all the flavors together.

The Crazy Fruit Torta or Fruta Loca ($9.50) is a different kind of sandwich altogether. Its spicy and savory vegetarian jackfruit filling is spiced with chorizo seasoning, sautéed peppers and onions and a spread of black bean hummus and avocado.

For The Box ($10), we chose the chicken, which is marinated — for 72 hours — in a creamy coconut milk and lime base, giving the tender pieces a subtle sweet flavor.

Each box includes the four most popular companions: roasted onions, plantains, rice and black beans. Each side was better than the last — and let me just say that B Street treats onions right. You can also order La Bomba, aka The Bomb ($3.50), which takes the average onion’s game up a notch. They take a whole onion, stuff it with parmesan, butter and beef bouillon, wrap it all up real tight and let it caramelize to perfection.

For dessert, choose from The Happy Dreams ($4) plantains and the seasonal Cremas de Fruta (Fruit Creams) ($3.50). The Happy Dreams has the same plantains that come in the box, but for dessert, it includes a large dollop of homemade whipped cream. B Street’s plantains are caramelized to sweet glazed magic, reminiscent of the scents of Christmas, with slightly spicy, cinnamon-infused flavor.

After your meal, and before you salsa away, make sure you put your tray the dish bin. Take one last look back as you head out to the street, whisper “Adios!” to the pork — let it know you’ll be back.