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DIABLO ‘SEZ – June tunes

Jun 12 – Tim Sparks at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
If ever you have an opportunity to catch a show at the Karpeles, you seize it. Jacksonville’s best-kept secret is a seemingly out-of-place mansion in Historic Springfield. It’s the kind of place many drive by and casually wonder about before wiping it from their memory as the day wears on. If it seems odd that Jacksonville is home to a library/museum that contains a massive amount of original documents, you may be even more surprised to learn that there are 10 such museums comprising the largest collection of its kind, all found in third-rate cities far more obscure than Jacksonville. Mr. Sparks’ appearance is produced by AVANT, whose debut show last month featured pianist Uri Caine. You’d expect anything they promote to be a little weird, but Sparks isn’t all that crazy. Sparks is an amazingly talented acoustic guitar player who keeps it pretty tame with the exception of his work in the genre of klezmer, the music of the Ashkenazi Jews. Think Eastern European jug band or like gypsy jazz, I don’t know but it’s actually pretty interesting and a whole lot of fun. Listening to Sparks’ regular stuff though, I must say I’m intrigued as to how he brings it all together. Guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves.

Jun 18 – Fiend Without a Face, The Birth Detects, Casper, Black Stache, Faze Wave at Burro Bar
Being in a band is great, especially when you’re young and it’s still about having fun playing to basically no one in crappy little dive bars. Being in a successful band that gets to play sold out shows at large venues is probably pretty great too, I just wouldn’t know anything about it. I’d venture that when one does reach that level, they develop a longing for those simpler times and miss the fun part quite a bit. So it must be for Brent Hinds, singer and guitarist for Mastodon, a relatively huge metal band from Atlanta that even my little brother can get into. Another downside of getting all big and famous is being forced to take yourself more seriously than you might like. Your fans expect something very specific from you and are quick to let you know when their expectations aren’t being met. So if you want to play country-tinged psychobilly, well you’re going to need a side project. And Fiend Without a Face is very much what this is for Hinds. There’s nothing serious happening here. But it is fun and when artists get to have fun, sometimes they make their best work.

Jun 25 – Richie Ramone, Electric Water, Teenage Lobotomy, Status Faux at Burro Bar
Richie Ramone may not have been in the original lineup, but he was a Ramone and that’s all that matters. What also matters is that Richie actually penned several Ramones tracks, some of which turned out to be hits, and even sang on a few. I suppose it helps when you’re a Ramone though, instant name recognition and all that. In some ways I guess it makes it even easier to lead a “solo” career when all you have to do is sit in the back and keep the beat while some kids play whatever is worth playing. I’m being harsh but I’m really stoked that one of the last shows to happen at Burro Bar is from a true legend and besides, all the cool Ramones are dead anyway.


Jun 10 – The So So Glo’s at 1904
Jun 11 – Weird Al Yankovic: The Mandatory World Tour at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Jun 12 – Cyndi Lauper at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Jun 13 – Miss Massive Snowflake, Stubbily Mug at Burro Bar
Jun 14 – Death Cab for Cutie, CHVRCHES at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Jun 14 – Lord Huron at Maverick’s
Jun 17 – Chris Cornell at Florida Theatre
Jun 20 – Hivelords, Set and Setting, Shadow Hunter at Burro Bar
Jun 21 – Castle, Hollow Leg, Ghostwitch, Black Stache at Burro Bar
Jun 24 – Community Center, Ema & the Old Kings at Burro Bar
Jun 28 – letlive., Seaheaven, Night Verses at 1904
Jun 29 – Warehouse Studio Burro Bar Farewell Showcase at Burro Bar
Jul 1 – Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Severed + Said, Omebi at Rain Dogs
Jul 5 – Soft Kill, Underpass, Burnt Hair, Worsen at Rain Dogs
Jul 8 – Hollow Leg, Rhythm of Fear, Ether at Rain Dogs
Jul 9 – Culture Club at Morocco Shrine Auditorium
Jul 9 – Separated, Vatican, Vein, Tourniquet at The Birdhouse
Jul 10 – NOTS, The Mold, Fever Hands at The Headlamp
Jul 16 – Brother Cephus, wise river, The Young Step at Rain Dogs
Jul 17 – Flight of the Conchords at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Jul 19 – Terror, Power Trip, Harms Way at 1904 Music Hall
Jul 23 – Twin Trances, Snorey, Sex Bonanza, Single White Herpe at Shantytown Pub
Jul 26 – 311, Matisyahu at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Jul 27 – The Frights, Hunny, Gym Shorts at 1904 Music Hall
Jul 29 – Boris, Earth at The Social
Aug 4 – David Bazan, Michael Nau
Aug 7 – Maxwell, Ro James at Moran Theater
Aug 18 – Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, Malevolence at 1904 Music Hall
Aug 31 – Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, Tribe Society at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Sep 10 – Brian Wilson at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Nov 5 – Porch Fest at Klutho Park

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