Jumping off the Mathews Bridge into choppy waters was probably not part of her plan. But for Jane, aka Bridgette, it happened. This daredevil dachshund-mix fearlessly took that 152-foot plunge and survived. Chutzpah!

I was lucky to fetch a few answers from her about this awe-struck experience.

Why were you running up the bridge?
Oh, gosh, I was just so scared. I was trying to get back home to my mom and dad, but I got very confused about which way to go.

Were you on an adventure?
No, I really was lost. It’s important when people find an animal that they remember we may have a home and that we’ve gotten lost. Many people often think pets have been dumped on the side of the road when, really, we’re just trying to get home.

Why did you jump?
Well, there were all these people chasing me. Looking back, I think they were trying to help. I guess I was scared and, before I knew what I was doing – splash – I was in the river!

Did you realize you were 152 feet above the water’s surface?
The highest I’ve ever been is on top of a couch, so no.

How did you feel after the fall?

How did you survive the plunge?
When I hit the water, I just thought, “Swim!” So that’s what I did. The doggy paddle, to be precise. Some nice people in a boat picked me up. It was my first boat ride. And hopefully my last!

Were you scared?
Yes. I accidentally got lost from my family the night before, and was scared the entire time. I have such a great mom and dad. I really wanted to get back home to them.

How were you rescued?
A really nice lady named Michelle saw me on the bridge. She stopped to help me. At first, I thought she was a big, scary monster who wanted to chase me, but once I met her, I knew she was my guardian angel. I got to stay with her family over the weekend and even though it wasn’t home, it was the next best thing.

Did you receive first aid?
Yes, Michelle took me to First Coast No More Homeless Pets for a quick check and then, when I went to Jacksonville Humane Society, I was spayed and microchipped. I also got a bunch of shots. It hurt a little, but I was really brave, and they gave me lots of cookies!

When are you going home?
I got to go home when my family saw me on the news! They called the shelter right away and made plans to come get me. They had been saving to get me spayed, but thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities, everything was done at JHS for free.

What’s the first thing you did when you got home?
I gave my mom and dad lots of kisses. Then I got on the couch and took a good, long nap!



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october, 2021