BOUQUET TO ANNA DOOLEY In recognition of her commitment to tree-planting and environmental conservation, on April 30, the Arbor Day Foundation gave Dooley, executive director of nonprofit Greenscape of Jacksonville, the Lawrence Enerson Award for her unwavering commitment to environmental issues on the local level. At her initiative, thousands of trees have been planted in Northeast Florida, creating vital habitat for wildlife and shade for us sweaty small folk.

BRICKBATS TO ALEXANDER PANTINAKIS In the spirit of disenfranchising voters, Pantinakis, Angela Corey’s campaign manager, helped MEN ONLY Family Law attorney Kenny Leigh file as a write-in candidate in the State Attorney election, closing the August primary to Democrats and Independents. Leigh may be hyper-focused on men’s rights, but he doesn’t seem to give a flip about the rights of minorities and the dreaded liberals.

BOUQUET TO SLEIMAN ENTERPRISES Crippled by debts of $10-million-plus, Faithbridge Church was teetering on the cliff of financial ruin. Real estate developer Toney Sleiman was initially looking into the possibility of buying the church property on McCormick Road, but instead decided to put parishioners over profits and save Faithbridge with a $500,000 donation and help restructuring its debt.