BOUQUETS TO TODD AND NICOLE HOLLINGHEAD The basketball hoops at Liberty Park in Springfield had been lacking nets for some time, so the Hollingheads bought and installed new nets, much to the delight of neighborhood children, who provided Mr. Hollinghead with a helping hand installing them on May 5. With neighbors like these, who needs friends?

BRICKBATS TO GARY PETERSON Following an employee’s assault, Peterson, Home Again St. Johns executive director, decided to suspend all Dining with Dignity meals for a week. According to The St. Augustine Record, Peterson justified his decision to punish the 80 to 120 people the organization feeds each evening as necessary to pressure wrongdoers into better behavior. Psst, Peterson … it’s one thing to deprive kids of recess, another to deprive homeless and impoverished people of food.

BOUQUETS TO LEARN TO READ JACKSONVILLE At the Annual Literacy Conference held May 4-6, local nonprofit organization Learn to Read was bestowed with the Excellence in Education Award and a $2,500 grant for its work improving adult literacy in Duval County. Thanks to Learn to Read, scores of locals can understand the words on this page. Keep it up!