One Cool Cat “KEANU”

Release Date: April 29, 2016

Running Time: 1 hour and 38 minutes

Rated R

Grade:  Hi-C

Directed By: Peter Atencio


Clarence, I want you to meet Keanu.

Keanu is a cute little kitten who belongs to a drug king pin named Iglesias. One day the Allentown Brothers enter Iglesias’s palace and destroy everyone in their path, but not before one of the Allentown Brothers takes a liking to Keanu. Luckily, Keanu gets away and finds himself on the door step of Rell Williams who is recovering from a break-up with his girlfriend. Rell’s best friend, Clarence Goobril, comes over to Rell’s apartment to console him only to be greeted by Rell and his adorable new pet. Clarence and Rell go out for awhile. When they return they see that Rell’s apartment has been ransacked and Keanu is missing. In an effort to find Keanu, Rell reaches out to his marijuana dealer who suggests that they seek out the 17th Street Blips since they may know who broke into Rell’s apartment. Clarence and Rell pretend to be drug dealers to infiltrate the gang. The leader of the gang, Cheddar, has Keanu but has renamed him Newjack. Cheddar assumes that Clarence and Rell are the Allentown Brothers and offers to give them Newjack as a token of respect if they accompany his gang on a drug run. Unfortunately, things get complicated when a third party is contacted by Cheddar and the real Allentown Brothers resurface. Clarence and Rell find out that in order to save what you love, you must becomes what you fear.                  


We in the market right now for like a gangster pet.

Kitten, please. Key and Peele’s first motion picture is a hilarious romp through the inner city in “purr”suit of an adorable kitten. Known for their sketch comedy show on Comedy Central, Key and Peele are no strangers to eliciting laughs by emphasizing stereotypes and racism. Co-written by Jordan Peele, the story is over the top but the actors not only have fun with it, but they act so seriously at times that it is difficult to not fall in love with this film. The comedic duo take the challenge of creating a full length feature film by the whiskers and their chemistry transfers purrfectly on the big screen. I laughed almost continuously throughout the 98 minutes running time. As a comedy action film, Peter Atencio who also directed the Key and Peele Show, Keanualso delivers with its purrfect timing, realistic action scenes, and a musical score that stays in your head. Meow is the time to head into the theater to help these two characters in their pursuit of furry love.                        ~Movie Buffette



Keegan Michael Key as Clarence

Jordan Peele as Rell

Tiffany Haddish as Hi-C

Method Man as Cheddar

Darrell Britt-Gibson as Trunk

Jason Mitchell as Bud

Jamar Malachi Neighbors as Stitches

Luis Guzman as Bacon

Will Forte as Hulka

Nia Long as Hannah

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