Gamble Rangers (1937-’91) was the undisputed troubadour of Florida folk music, basing many of his songs and stories from the mythical Oklawaha County. Raconteur, a truly travelin’ “roads” scholar, and countercultural cracker, Rogers (pictured) honored his predecessors and peers, while encouraging and guiding up-and-coming musicians. Rogers’ lifelong concern for others continued up to his tragic passing, when he died while attempting to save a drowning swimmer. The 21st annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival honors both the man and his love of music, with performances by The Nouveaux Honkies, Richard Smith & Julie Adams, Sara Mac Band, Pierce Pettis, Grant Peeples, The Wild Shiners, Sam Pacetti, Flagship Romance, The Driftwoods, The Rubies, Amy Hendrickson, Bob Patterson and Charlie Simmons as The Obscure Brothers, The WillowWacks and others, along with an “I Remember Gamble” song and storytelling contest, and kids’ activities. 


Friday, April 29-Sunday, May 1, Colonial Quarter, St. Augustine, TIX: $15, gamblerogersfest.org