Hal Holbrook – creative Twain

Hal Holbrook, at an impressive 91 years of age, continues his 62 year tour performing his legendary impression of Mark Twain and interpretation of the 19th Century American author’s work. I had the exquisite pleasure of attending his performance at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts. The lighting and acoustics in this gem of a theater provided the perfect venue to showcase one of America’s most famous touring actors.

While Mr. Holbrook can not be pinned down to a specific program for the audience to follow along to since he says that it would stifle his inspiration, he does allow the complete 15 hour selection to be listed in the event that the audience wishes to fan themselves with the program guide. Sounds of laughter rang throughout the theater with every carefully delivered punchline by the creative genius. Along with his impeccable delivery, Mr. Holbrook almost continuously maneuvers the stage between the podium to a table and chair providing emphasis to the spoken word regarding My Cigar Habit?, Congress: The Grand Old Asylum, Decay in the Art of Lying, and The Evolution of Man.

In the second act we had the privilege of viewing Mr. Holbrook act out characters from Huckleberry Finn in his Huck’s Conscience selection. Mr. Holbrook has won three Emmy Awards and a Tony Award for his portrayal of Mark Twain in addition to starring in very well-known films such as All the President’s Men, Wall Street, Water for Elephants, Lincoln, and Into the Wild.

Mark-TwainI consider myself fortunate to have scratched yet another selection off of my bucket list by attending this performance and highly recommend that you peruse the Thrasher Horne’s upcoming schedule as this theater is attracting some seriously talented performers.

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