BOUQUETS TO MANDARIN MUSEUM & HISTORICAL SOCIETY April 30 marks the grand opening of St. Joseph’s Mission Schoolhouse for African-American Children. The one-room schoolhouse was founded by Sisters of St. Joseph in Mandarin in 1898 to teach freed slaves; in 2015, the society, Councilman Matt Schellenberg and the city’s Parks & Recreation Department teamed up to save the school, the last of its kind in Duval County and, thanks to a donation from Rotary Club of Mandarin and Rotary District 6970, they were able to preserve this piece of history for future generations.

BRICKBATS TO JSO LT. TRUDY CALLAHAN The T-U reports that the 20-year veteran was recently given a 10-day suspension for posts on her Instagram account, truds137, that could be construed as racist. (“Truds” is white, BTW.) Though these were actually reposts, it’s hard to understand how the lieutenant felt justified publicly reposting something referring to a black man as “this n—a” and a broken piece of chain link a black man was lying in as a “hood hammock.”

BOUQUETS TO FLORIDA DENTAL ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION On April 22 and 23 at Prime Osborne Center, the foundation hosted the first local Florida Mission of Mercy event to provide free dental services. Over the two days, an estimated 3,000 patients were to receive $2 million worth of free dental care. Now that’s something to smile about!