Kids Directory & Earth Day 2016

Our planet is a gift from our forebears and we, in turn, will re-gift it to the generations that follow. Much like that dubious Peonies-and-turpentine lotion that your grandmother routinely distributes at birthdays, Hanukkah and Easter (Nanna’s more inclusive than she used to be), the Earth we are re-gifting may not be quite what our children and grandchildren want. At least not unless much work is done to reverse the damage we have inflicted.

That’s why this year, for our annual Kids Directory issue, which coincides with Earth Week, we have focused on the planet. Like that lotion, Earth is smelly, watery and unnaturally bright.

Fortunately, the last few generations have rediscovered the planet’s natural beauty and many have come to understand that amassing wealth and material goods does not inspire happiness or love, the two most precious of all human emotions. Today’s young lads and lasses are better equipped and more inclined to pursue an American Dream that their children and grandchildren will also have an opportunity to attain: a comfortable life that does not involve the reckless pursuit of wealth or power. By living sustainably and consuming just what they need to survive in comfort and ease, the youth of today are breaking new ground – figuratively – by repurposing the values and techniques of old. We are proud to share this galaxy with them and eagerly look forward to discovering the world they’ll create and, later, bequeath.


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