BRICKBATS TO AMELIA ISLAND BEACHGOERS Apparently, some people who frequent the seashore in front of Amelia Surf & Racquet Club don’t see the harm in leaving the beach littered with the skeletons of their tents, even though recent conditions had the ocean swirling up and around said structures. News flash: The beach isn’t your personal backyard; it’s ours.

BOUQUETS TO FDOT RED-TAPE CUTTER An exasperated Prius driver recently asked one of the FDOT repair crewman near the Philips Highway and 9B project to grind down a significant bump and was politely informed she’d have to contact FDOT. She did not, but the next time she took that route, the bump had magically disappeared.

BRICKBATS TO THE JEA BOARD OF DIRECTORS On April 7, the board heard presentations about proposed changes to the net metering credit for customers with solar energy systems. Renewable energy advocates asked to also present at the meeting, or at least for there to be public comment. Nope – the board did not care to hear what the people have to say.

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october, 2021