BOUQUETS TO TOMMY HAZOURI Jacksonville City Councilman Hazouri, possibly inspired by FWMs Jan. 13 article, “Trafficking in Apathy,” did the right thing and introduced legislation that will enforce state legislation requiring massage parlors, spas and strip clubs – known hotbeds of human trafficking – to post human trafficking awareness signs.

BRICKBATS TO LAZY DONATORS To make donation simple and convenient, the Salvation Army regularly staffs its donation facility on Beach Boulevard. When no one’s there, lazy, inconsiderate locals have taken to just dumping their stuff on the ground out front, including on this past Easter Sunday, a day that called for heavy rains. That’s not what we call the spirit of giving.

BOUQUETS TO RIBAULT LADY TROJANS On April 2, the Trojans crushed it in the 2016 national high school girls’ basketball championship in Madison Square Garden and brought home that No. 1 trophy, their team’s first. And most are returning juniors! We are full-court impressed!