BRICKBATS TO THE OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY In spite of Darlene Farah’s fervent wish that the SAO not show her son the video of his sister being fatally shot, in an effort to convince him to support the death penalty in the case, the SAO reportedly showed him the video anyway.


BOUQUETS TO SHERI NICHOLSON On March 19, Nicholson hosted the ninth annual New Age Hippy Coastal Cleanup. While you were sleeping off Friday night’s revelry, Nicholson and 18 volunteer kayakers launched from Mike McCue Park & Boat Ramp to spend their Saturday morning picking up trash in the Intracoastal Waterway, ultimately collecting 11 large bags of refuse.


BRICKBATS TO JTA On March 20, the Florida Times-Union reported that JTA said it had no idea that its subcontractor, Von Alexander, also worked for Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Considering her 15 years on Brown’s payroll and the fact that Alexander has been described as Brown’s aide in news reports for years, somehow we’re not buying that ignorance defense.

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october, 2021